The 2012 Walk-In and Starseed Summit

Held September 14, 15 and 16th


This was the very FIRST Summit of Walk-Ins and Starseeds, which brought together the different representatives of our Star Families. We explored the relationships, and missions, of and between Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Earth-Seeds. Earth-Seeds are our human co-Creators. And yes, it is all about you!

This Summit is about “Gathering and Growing.” We will be planting seeds and pulling up weeds. We are now in the times of prophecy, the problem is there are so many different human theories on what those prophesies are. Here you are going to be hearing us speak about what is happening, why it is happening, and what our parts in it is. This summit will incorporate all types of Universal Truths relevant to Walk-Ins and Starseeds alike as well as to all human Earth-Seeds.

This Summit will reinforce the words of Confucius. “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” Confucius 450 B.C.

We as Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Earth-Seeds need to find solutions on how to better work together. We all as a collective need to learn how to align with others who are like us. We should do so for the purpose of exchanging new principles of thought and how to better raise the awareness of the children, of all people. It is today’s people and all the children being born now and the many tomorrows to come, who will become the new building blocks. These building blocks will be people of all cultures, who will be better prepared to mold and shape a better, much simpler, safer and more Spiritually attuned way of life.

The focus of the Summit is to seek the highest point of attainment of the collective aspirations for awakening people to who they are, why they are here and what they can do to assist not only in the Creation Process, but also how to live sanely in a practical world. A world that does not always seem to appear to be sane, rational or reasonable. This lifetime IS the most important lifetime anyone has ever had. All that you have been, all that you have done has been in preparation for leading you to this one pivotal moment in time. This is the jumping off point; this is the premiere of the removal of the veil of forgetfulness. This summit is geared to assist everyone in understanding how important their missions are for laying the foundations of future destinies. The Sunday portion of the working Summit will be where you as attendees can witness and participate in the Round Table work session between the Speakers as they address creating a solid networking program to better serve and organize Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Earth-Seeds in their missions here on the planet.

This Summit is about THE MISSION and further explains how and why we all need to come together. It is time to “Start Living the Dream.” This Summit will be a continuous exchange between the Speakers and the attendees of ideas, experiences, goals, and thought-provoking methods of how to have their voices heard. Attendees and Speakers alike will pursue the proper avenues of how best to bring their ideas into the public arena.

Instead of rising to the challenges that the planet is requiring of them, many Earth-Seeds are sinking rapidly into dis-organized chaos. Many Starseeds are floundering because they are having trouble finding those of like-mind. Many Walk-Ins are directionless right now because they can’t find where the other Walk-Ins are that can help them. It is important that the Starseeds and Walk-Ins work together to combine forces to raise the vibration of the planet and extend a helping hand and teach one another. In other words as a collective as well as individually, we must find a way to form a connection by building a network that is global and raise the vibration of this planet and her people.

Summit Speakers were:

Celest, David, Ninneen C. Harsh, Norma Hollis, Mark Kimmel, Ron Radhoff and Zarazaiel Yovel (Zaz)


Celest and David’s websites are: