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Celest and David will be hosting these Summist along with everyone who chooses to participate by sharing their questions and comments with us as well as all those other wonderful Souls who strategically reside all over this wonderful planet we now call home who will benefit from the sharing. You honor us as you honor your Self by taking part in this gathering of like-minded individuals. We Salute YOU!!! 


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Celestial Blue Star and David of Arcturus

Celestial Blue Star – Known affectionately by her close friends as “Celest,” is an evolved transcender and is internationally known and much respected for her humanitarian efforts on behalf of all the peoples on this planet. Celest is a highly evolved teacher, a healer, a warrior; she is a Pleiadian walk-in, a Time Walker and the daughter of Blue Star The Pleiadian. She is the receiver of “The Blue Star Transmissions.” which have been available on the internet since December 12, 1997, as the “Blue Star Transmissions” at Celest is also the receiver of Spiritual messages and insights from “The Ascended Voices Of Spirit as well as being chosen to be the scribe for The Masters” messages.  Her Earth Star walk is “to teach the teachers to be all that they can be, for their own evolution as well as for the men and women whom they teach.” Celest and David are the two scribes for God for “The God Book Series.”

David of Arcturus – David is an Arcturian Walk-In. He came as many others have, in order to be of service to the Earth Star Planet and the Universe as a whole. He has been here many times before, always as a voice for peace. He Walked-In in 1963 as an unconscious Walk-In and remained in that unconscious state for 35 years. Since then he has been teaching both newly awakened Walk-Ins as well as more evolved Souls about themselves, Universal Truths and life beyond today. David and his wife Celest have four websites they use as vehicles for conveying their truths. and


Welcome to the Online “Walk-In Summits”

Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Earth-seeds


We have wonderful news! We have searched and researched every possible way of hosting our Summits, yet have not found any way that we felt comfortable with. Hosting radio shows in order to host our Summits is far too expensive. Expecting people to do a great deal of expensive traveling to a location is not feasible anymore either. That would simply cause people to incur large expenses that they should not have to. Setting up a telephone type of Summit is not a wise idea either. Anything can happen anymore with electrical systems, black outs, brown outs, etc. So, we found what we consider to be a viable alternative.

We are going to host our Summits through one of our own websites. That website is

In this manner we have total control of the site and because it is one of our four websites, we do not have the overhead we have always been faced with when hosting a Summit or the old Conferences in hotels, etc. Therefore we can not only have the Summits be accessible to people all over the world, we do not have to charge anyone who wants to participate. Everyone can participate through written question and answer mode. It can be accomplished in the privacy of your own homes.

Here is how we plan to do this. We will start out the Summits by posting our writing covering many diverse topics which we feel will answer many questions you may have while possibly prompting you to think about other questions you may have about the subject matter or questions about other topics you would like us to discuss with you. We will be posting our opening writing on January 10th and each day on and off throughout the day we will be posting your questions and comments as well as our responses. We will continue on until January 17th at 6:00 pm eastern standard time.

All of this information will become a permanent part of the walk-insummit website. It will not be a part of our other sites.

There are some things participants will need to do.

You will need to email your questions to only please.

All questions or comments must have a name attached to them. We will not use any ones last name. In the case that more than one individual has the same first name we may choose to use the first initial of the last name. If you would like to let people know what part of the world you live in you may also include your country or state or province. Any questions submitted without a name will be deleted.

Also, for the last 18 months we have been receiving emails from many people who are unbalanced. We will delete any such email immediately.

If it happens that more than one person asks the same question we will only post one of them along with our response. We will note that more than one individual asked the same question.

If you have an idea for a question that you may already know the answer to but feel others may benefit greatly from the exchange of knowledge please feel free to ask the question. All of us are teachers, all of us are students, what you may have already figured out others may still be struggling with or not even know they should be thinking about it.

Please, do not be hesitant about participating in this event. The question(s) you ask may well be on the minds of others.

We are planning on holding these Summits every two months; of course we will need to work around God’s schedule of our writing the next God book.

We encourage everyone to help promote these Summits. We also give our permission to everyone to post some of the information on social media, websites and so forth as long as they include the website url of along with the posting.

If you feel inspired to start sending in some of your questions now please feel free to do so. This will aid us as well.

We will not be responding to your emails directly unless we feel the need to do so. All questions will be answered on the Summit pages.

And yes, you may ask more than one question.

We look forward to hearing from everyone. In this manner we can help to enlighten others.

Salude… Celest and David

Note: any questions received after the Summit will be answered during the next Summit.

email us at –

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