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January 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Updated on 1-17-2015

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Note: we have received some great questions and we look forward to many more for the future Summits. Thank you for participating. Celest and David

Question – Hi Celest and David, I hope this question is ok to ask. Is the Ambassador of the Red Dragon family who he says he is and is he of the Christ consciousness? Was my dream of the Space Being real and what was the purpose and what is his name? “The Ambassador” says he is a representative of the Red Dragon Royal family in China, he is part of the family and his lineage is Anunnaki, he is European. He gave a warning to the “Cabal” to cease and desist. He is on the Sedona Connection tonight with Dave Schmidt at 6pm est 9pm pst. He says a lot of what Blue Star and God say from the readings. I feel him as a good guy. He says this is the time for 555 (which is on the RDfamily crest) to get rid of 666.

Also I had a dream and saw an extraterrestrial, looked like a “gray” staring at me. He scared me and I think I scared him, lol because I didn’t expect it. I felt love from him and I wasn’t frightened any more. I would like to know the purpose and his name. This all could have been my imagination Celest, but it felt so real. Any help is appreciated. Thank you and I love this Summit. Love you both. Carla in USA

Our response – The ancient Sumerians were harsh taskmasters. Essentially the Sumerians have had some serious controversial reputations. The Anunnaki have been known to take their name from the Sky God “AN.” The Anunnaki are the Sumerians. They do not have much of a sense of humor and are considered to be judges. We have a good friend who is a reincarnated Sumerian. They are extremely serious in battle, they take no prisoners. This ambassador seems to have some gifts and has a great deal of knowledge of the Red Dragon Family. We sense no evil about him; he appears to be dedicated to the further abolishment of evil. In time there will be no need for the numbers 555, 666,777 and so forth. If all these different families and cultures could work together they certainly would expedite the final expulsion of the dark energies here. It is not uncommon for many cultural exchanges from off-world Beings to exhibit warrior tendencies. That is what they do. It does make sense to us that the information the Ambassador shares is in alignment with what God, Blue Star and The Masters have been sharing through us, as well as our own information that we share with all of you. The wording might be different but every civilization has its own way of speaking, yet our goals are all united.

Congratulations, you made “First Contact” again and again. Yes that was a Gray, a Star Keeper. The majority of the Grays used to be a violent, very deadly civilization of Star Keepers who were bent on being the power force of all worlds. Many millennia had to pass while the Grays were battled by all Star Keeper forces that were normally peaceful forces, in order to prevent the Grays from seizing control of the other worlds. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Syrians, Andromedans and all other Star Keeper worlds gathered together to form a united front. Millions of lives were lost on all sides in defense of their realms. Over the many centuries though the Grays began to die off on their own. Today the Grays are very small in numbers and have evolved to the point where they are a peaceful race. They now work in tandem with all other Star Keepers on all other worlds. The Gray that watches over you is a loveable Being who sole purpose is to monitor you while being ever vigilant while he watches over you to keep you out of harm’s way. No, it was not your imagination that was an experience you truly had. You were kept in a conscious state of awareness while you were asleep even if you did not realize this. This time you were ready to have this experience and to remember it. This is not the first time he has been around you. He does not want his name to be revealed to you at this time. Please respect his wishes and he will let you know when he is ready to let you know.

Comment and Question – Thank you Celest and David for all your hard work in making the walk-insummit such a success in spreading your wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

In the God series books the word “sentience” is used often and I have not understood the definition of what God is wanting to get across. For example, a quote from The Code: “Children, only the people here that are using their intuition, who are using their sentience, are the ones who know when a link has occurred.” Please explain. Lana from USA

Our response – in the olden days sentience was seen to be the ability “to reason,” therefore a person could use that ability to understand/to reason rather than to “feel.” When the word “sentience” is used in the Spiritual sense it has nothing to do with reasoning. Reasoning resides in the mind where the intellect lies. True sentience is the Spiritual concept of being able to “feel” by using all your cognitive voices, especially the voice of your intuition and focusing your intent on obtaining the understanding you need. In this manner you are allowing Soul Voice to lead or guide you to the correct answers rather than reasoning/intellectual assumptions. The ability “to think” is a form of sentience WHEN that form is aligned with intuition. So it that aligned reasoning combined with intuition, Soul Voice and the desire to experience true realities is the sentience that God, The Masters, Blue Star and we ourselves speak often about. The true sentience we are speaking about evolves as the layers of illusions are removed much in the same fashion as peeling an onion. It evolves literally on a Super Conscious level in a parallel fashion with an individual’s clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Sentience remains in forward motions as long as a person’s mind is clear. If the mind is not clear then sentience can become muddled.

Question – Dear Celest and David, What advice could you give to a person (me) who has been on a vegetarian diet for more than 25 years. The idea of having to eat meat is rather disgusting to me. I have no problem serving my dogs meat. I have no problem with other people eating meat – although I would be happy if they didn’t – but the idea of having to eat it myself. No way! Love, Maria in the Netherlands

Our response – it is not possible for you to try to eat meat now. Your mind is in total rebellion against even the thought of doing so. Because of this your body would not be able to tolerate anything but what you have trained it for. And that is ok; you are in the driver’s seat.



The first Walk-In Summit of 2015 has now been concluded. We wish to thank each and every one of you who participated whether you sent in questions or not. No we did not expect everyone to send in questions, that usually doesn’t happen. We did our best to post our responses as in-depth as possible. Obviously almost every question could have branched off into many other directions; our goal this time around was to stay with the topic at hand. Now that you understand how these Summits will work, you will be better prepared by knowing what to expect for the future Summits.

Although the second Summit is a couple of months away we are sure many other questions will come to your minds that we will answer at the next Summit. Feel free to send your questions in at any time from now until the next one. We will post your questions and our responses at the next Summit. We are planning to take 2 weeks of downtime and then we will begin the next God Book titled, “The Winter People.”

We want to apologize to those of you who signed up for “The Summit Notification List.” As you know, last summer we had to switch servers for our websites and this affected all our mailing lists which we still need to rearrange and list. We should have it ready for the next one. If you wish to add your email address to our “private” notification list please email us at with “Summit” in the subject.

We leave you with a final thought: “The story of humanities’ future is still being written. YOU are the writers.”

Salude and Journey Well. Celest and David


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