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January 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Updated on 1-11-2015

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Note: we have received some great questions so far and we look forward to many more. Below is a few of them that we have had time to answer so far. Please check back often over the next 7 days for updated information. Thank you for participating. Celest and David

Question #1 – I am a meat eater, although I eat other foods as well, is it all right for me to still eat meat? Fredrik in Norway

Our response – People seriously misunderstand the importance of certain proteins and nutrients that the body requires to stabilize and maintain the body’s energy. Millions of people have a deep need for the nutrients that meat can supply because that is what their bodies want in order to maintain the health of the body. Under no circumstance do we suggest that anyone continue to eat at fast food restaurants. Those are the worst places to order any kind of food, particularly anything made with meat. We ourselves always listen to our bodies for they tell us clearly what it is they need. Although many, many, many years from now human bodies will not require portions of meat in order to sustain themselves. That will be because of all the changes in vibrations and frequencies which have begun already. It will require many years before it is the new normal. At those times the new vibration/frequencies energetics will impact on the genetic makeup of all human forms and all animal forms. Therefore meat will no longer be a requirement. Many people for their own reasons will not eat meat and that is their prerogative. There are serious deficiencies in all food supplies right now so it has become a balancing act to be able to pull in proteins from different food sources. However, when eating meat always buy a good quality of meat. Not the less expensive cuts if you are able to do so. Seafood is not recommended by us for anyone to eat. Unfortunately the waterways of this world have been seriously contaminated and radiated. Yes this also applies to what they call “fish farms.” We are saddened by this as well because we do love seafood ourselves. Listen to your body and keep your intellect out of it and you won’t go wrong.

Question/comment #2 – I am perfectly comfortable with my own approach and truth to this issue. Given what I consider the victim interpretation of the phrase “turn the other cheek”, I suggest a discussion on the appropriate use of physical force and violence in defense against those who are threatening and doing physical harm to us or ours, and how to do this when necessary without creating new karma needing to be balanced. Thanks, Debra M. in the USA

Our response – This is a very interesting and somewhat complex situation. “Turn the other cheek” was actually an old religious phrase. We do not consider it to be applicable when the need for self-defense arises. Although we do not advocate violence we have absolutely no problem with defending ourselves or those we love when the need arises. You can not incur new karma with the act of self-defense therefore there is nothing there that needs to be balanced. However, what will need to be balanced is what the attacker or attackers will have to face and contend with in their future. Those of you who know how to use the power of thought should be able to easily use thought with the swiftness of thrusting a sword at someone. You see, you will not be actually thrusting a sword, but the swiftness of the act of thrusting a thought form can disarm an attacker or diffuse a nasty situation before it has a chance to accelerate. One thing people forget in defense of themselves is that all predators of any age or any gender have the primal instinct of smelling FEAR. When that fear becomes palpable it further incenses the attacker and that is when many of them fall into maddening rage. So the hard part here is for people to immediately quiet any fear sensations they have so there is nothing for the other individual(s) to feed upon. It may require practice for many people to learn the simple term fearless and then incorporate that term into their everyday way of thinking. The physical vehicles of the intended victims react to fear sensations and that is very apparent in the body language that the victims start to express. Obviously we are speaking about adults. As situations develop it is up to the adults to watch over the children. Even in the defense of children there is still no karma to haunt anyone who rushes to the aid of a defenseless victim. There is much more to say about this subject matter which we can not possible cover in its entirety here, so we suggest you always use discernment. If you are doing the right thing for the right reason you will be fine. When physical force is required by yourself against others and you believe you have no other choice than to defend yourself then you do what you can to stay alive.

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Question(s) #3 – Hi Celest and David, (from Maria in the Netherlands)

Could you explain a bit more about the relationship between the person (or personage) and the Soul? I understand that the Soul may have many (30 even 40) personages walking around in all kind of worlds and planes.

Our response – Think of the Soul as the “rudder” on your ship of life. You are the captain of your own ship and you are the personage that your intellect inhabits within the physical vehicle. It was always intended for the rudder to steer the ship. The captain should always use discernment when aiding in the steering process so that the ship of life does not become trapped in quicksand, rocks, whirlpools, or collide with another ship of life. However you as captain have “free expression.” Because of this you may unintentionally find yourself depending too much on the personage/intellect instead of your rudder/Soul. Soul directs, Soul does not coerce. Intellect is bent on its own survival, so oftentimes it keeps scanning for any fearful situations that may be encountered. Unfortunately that fear processes down into the mind of the personage; thus dulling and slowing down the rudder’s ability to steer the ship of life away from shoals. When this occurs these types of underwater sandbanks can effectively cause permanent damage to the physical vehicle, the ship of life. Soul was always meant to work with personality in harmony, which was part of the Divine Plan Created when the human races were formed. The dark energies saw immediately that the intellect can be manipulated, violated and turned into a diabolical type of machine. Those same energies can damage psyches to such an extent that the psyche can not be healed. Those same dark energies knew that the Souls would continue to fight the dark by using the Souls own Light. However, Soul needs to have intellect in proper alignment with itself (Soul). This occurs when the intellect is not in fear of losing its life and when the personage/personality loses fear and is in balance. This has been an ongoing battle since forever ago.

Response to the second part of your question – Yes, in fact many Souls have many, many more than 30 or 40 personages walking around on various worlds. They will continue to walk on other worlds until the personage has had enough of the experience or their “advisors” suggest that it is time to return “home.” Each time this Universal walking happens it is for the express purpose of the personages to have experiences that can cause them to become much wiser. Each plane of this existence is vitally important in order for the Creation Processing to continue to expand ITS own awareness. Thereby continuously evolving ITself and having a deeper understanding of all the facets of life in all worlds that Souls must experience. We have encouraged everyone in the past and will continue to encourage everyone to call upon their “other Selves” to unite their/your wisdom and experiences together, so that you may all gain strength from the unison. It does not matter if you hear back from them or not. Soul knows the “call has been issued” and it will respond accordingly.

Remember, Mary Magdalene, Jesus and all the other Divine Beings who were Created long before some other Divine Beings were, must also continue to learn from the experiences ALL Other Souls have. Of the times that Mary or Jesus for example, have walked this Earth Star Walk, and they have done so many times here on the planet, it was never an easy walk for them. Yes, they did experience emotions because they were walking in human form. So yes, they were able to fulfill their individual and joint missions, yet still be walking on other worlds and learning more for themselves while still teaching others. You may think of it as a type of Spiritual quid pro quo. This is how each Luminescent of each Universe continues to evolve and this is also how new Universes are Created. You may feel as if you rely upon your Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and others who agreed to watch over you during your incarnations, however as true as that may be, they in turn also learn from all that you experience.

If you think you have had enough of the Earth Star experience and do not want to come back again you may wish to ask yourself why. If you can not handle life here then how do you think you can handle life anywhere else? Regardless of what personage/personality you choose to have in the future, you are Creating your future NOW.

Her questions continued – I often wonder what I am. Am I a “doll” or an “avatar like in de computer game” to my Soul?

Our Response – You are neither a doll or an avatar like in a computer game. It is a merging of body, mind and Spirit. You are the response to the Soul’s need to evolve; it is only by living through myriad life experiences that you yourself have, that Soul can continue to master the different aspects of itself. Soul sees you as who you are, you are a part of Soul. Whether the personality responds to the Soul or not is an entirely different matter. No, this is not the Matrix movie.

Her questions continued – Will I after my life and my stay in Nirvana be stored somewhere? And will I have to wait until my Soul wants to use me again?

Our response – You go there as Soul, but the personage has its own place to stay unless it has been terribly damaged and can not be used again. There are also instances when Soul will decide to Create a new personage of itself if it sees that one of the previous personages is not evolving. There is also the fact that Souls can decide not to use certain personages that they have in the past and instead choose to wear a new guise. Remember though, that everybody returns as male of female throughout every incarnation. It is never about always being a male or female, that does not happen. It is quite common for a person to lets say, 50-60 years after they have reincarnated again, run across a picture, an old photograph of an ancestor who looks just like them. Guess why! Also, a person can reincarnate many years after their most recent death experience and still find photographs of someone who looks exactly like them, but they are not physically related to them during that lifetime. They are strangers; yet they are pretty perfect replicas of your own appearance. No aspect of yourself, your journeys, your discoveries, and your accrued knowledge will ever be lost. All that is stored in the Akashic hall of Records.

Soul has the individual choice of what personage to use. Soul always chooses personages to use that it can grow the most from. But Soul also enjoys diversity and will seek to find the personage to best assist itsef in its pursuit for its own continued Self-awareness.

Her questions continued – Can I develop as a person into a Soul and be a Soul? So that I can somehow make my own decisions?

Our response – You always make your own decisions; it does not matter whether it is through your intellect or through your Soul Voice. It depends on which you are listening to the most, which you are “feeding” the most. Many people epitomize the intellect in any given moment. Yet many other people are the epitome of their Soul while these people are walking in mortal form. This will continue on an individual basis until such time that intellect and Soul are in total harmony. At that point they walk together. You cannot develop into something that you already are. You are a personage with a Soul. Soul has chosen the form to wear, but it does not consider itself to be separate from the form during any life experience. It sees itself as the merging of body, mind and SELF. It is only if and when that personage becomes outdated, becomes obsolete in a sense because it refuses to change and develop more, that Soul determines that it is ready to try out a new look with the expectations that the new look will have something that Soul has not yet experienced. You forget that when you go back home and are sitting with Divinity you appear as the pure brilliant white Light that is the Soul that you are. There is no need for any pretense such as wearing human form. When these Divine Beings, your Spirit Guides and others of Divinity come to visit you in your dream/vision and meditative states, they usually come to you wearing a form that you can relate to while you are mortal.

Question #4 – I have a question. Why do we feel the PULL to the smart phones? I used the mobile phones all these years until my Dad gave this smart phone to me 2 years ago. So I felt the difference in the PULL so much, while other people may not feel(question) it as they play with new devices like a transition from one model/kind to another. And the meditation helps me mindful about what happens inside me. It’s not particularly the chats, the news, the stickers, the anything. We’re just glued to it, and the features we play or use it for seem to be an excuse to “use” it. Is it just a strong urge to bond collectively like tuning oneself to a collective wavelength but we can only express it this way, not the level we should be able to, energetically? Or is it something else? I feel a kind of distrust towards these electronic devices somehow. And am postponing using a kindle, just to come back to considering it, and am still reconsidering. Thank you for your reply. ^^Pu in Thailand

Our response – Everybody want to be a part of something that is advertised as new and better, even if it really isn’t. It’s as though nobody wants to be the person in the neighborhood who isn’t keeping up with everybody else. At one time this was referred to as, “keeping up with the Joneses.” Many people tend to feel they will be ostracized from their peers and their co-workers if they cannot share that smart phone technology. They don’t want to be embarrassed by not having what everyone else has. We know that some people because of their businesses do need smart phones. However they are in the minority. It has become an obsession, a “Cellular Pandemic.” These devices are very unhealthy to use. The frequencies they emit are not beneficial, they are detrimental. Can you imagine how wonderful and beneficial it would be if everybody tuned in energetically instead? Of course we know we are asking a lot here. What so many people are failing to realize is that all these “signals” emanating from all the cell phone towers, the satellites, the wireless router and so forth, affect people, animals and the very land itself. It is also affects peoples’ sentiences; it is affecting their ability to be clear minded enough to focus on things that are really important in this world. This happens in the same way people have become addicted to social media and the mindless, depraved reality tv shows. They too are another form of corruption of the mind. People don’t want to hear about this.

It is good that you feel this distrust toward these electronic devices. No, they are not to be trusted. The kindles are a great advantage to a lot of people if they are used, but not overused. As with any form of technology discretion is always advisable. It is never a good idea to have any of these electronic devices by your bed while you are sleeping though. They will affect your vision/dream states and your REM sleep.