Cause and Effect – The Summit

Cause and Effect

The Summit

(In reference to the first Summit held in Colorado Sept, 2012) 

One of the most endearing experiences that we have been blessed to be part of was watching something which occurred to all the attendees and to some of the other Speakers. And yes, we ourselves were affected as well. Some things are just so difficult to express in any human language, again it reverts back to “some things can only be experienced, rather than verbally expressed.” We watched an amazing transformation take place at the Summit; we watched as each attendee actually did transform and did so right before our eyes. Subtly, yet at an amazingly fast pace, each of them while listening to the Speakers and of course joining in and participating one-on-one with us, began to glow and send out the most fascinating, most gloriously colored brilliant energy streamers in all directions. We ourselves could see these people individually and collectively vibrate as their Soul selves rose and joined together to form ONE amazing cohesive Soul Cluster. These people as well as two of the other Speakers there, received an astonishing amount of elevated levels of Super Consciousnesses that radiated throughout their entire beings. They were each quite literally living on various levels of variant degrees of higher dimensions while physically remaining in body. None of them had an idea this would happen. Yes, they each still carry this energy.

They were an awesomely splendiferous sight to behold! “When two or more are gathered in MY name”…. is the quote which best fits this blessed event. None of us had to gather Light, we WERE the Light; what we had to do though was to try to keep our feet on the floor while glittering and swaying vibrations and higher frequencies enveloped us, thus causing a massive wave of the expansiveness of God I AM to flow through us consciously and Super Consciously which just about swept us off our feet. Although we who were the Speakers dealt with practical world issues as well as the Spiritual matters during each of our scheduled presentations,   the Friday and Saturday late afternoon panels when we encouraged attendees to ask questions and the convening of the Summit panel on Sunday, was when we all spoke freely and were able to cover a great deal of the issues confronting Walk-Ins and Starseeds alike. Due to the constraints of linear timelines there, we feel we were only able to scratch the surface. However, it set the tone as well as the pace for all of our upcoming Summits.

One of the Speakers was so deeply affected by all he was learning about and all the sincere sharing and caring that was so visibly expressed by the attendees and the Speakers, that during the last few minutes of the Summit on Sunday, this Starseed Speaker broke down and cried and then said “I have never seen anything like this in my life. So much caring and sharing.” We ourselves took a quantum leap in our own personal evolution. Life will never be the same again for any of us. It just keeps getting better and better, clearer, more focused, an unabashedly more acute sentience continues and the deepest desire we have ever known before is to continue to put one foot in front of the other and to never give up! The bonds that were Created that day will never be severed. The only regret any of us had was that the Summit had concluded. However, we and the upcoming Summits have just begun!

Devotedly yours…. Celest and David