In Gratitude

In Gratitude

When we set about putting “The 2012 Walk-In and Starseed Summit” together, we only did so because it was a specific “request” from God. We were minding our own business and preparing to begin the writing with God of book 6 of the God Book Series, “Advocates for Justice.” You see how well that went! Although God was very adamant that the Summit must take place, He was also very open with us about why it had to. So, we did what we always do when God gives us specific instructions about a project He wants us to Create. We jumped in with both feet and put the 6th. book temporarily aside. After we chose the Summit Speakers we began to contact website owners, forums, radio programs and other Light Worker individuals and asking that they assist in this project by helping with the necessary promotion. God only gave us 2½ months to have everything set up. He chose the dates for the Summit and where He wanted it to be held. The moment we began contacting the people we are speaking of, a revelation about the non-cooperative nature of so many Light Workers began. Below is a list of the men and women who agreed to help without expecting anything in return. These are the people who went out of their way to assist in this project; they did so because they understood the importance of the nature of the Summit. We have included the websites of those who have them.

Ranoli – and

Ron Radhoff –

Teresa Sixberry –

Zarazaiel Yovel (Zaz) –  website under construction

Norma T. Hollis –

Ninneen C. Harsh –

Sedona Journal of Emergence –

Beca Lewis –

Chester – (Owner of the hotel)

C.K. –

Deborah Lapatina

Redza –

Maria Nieuwenhuysen –

Courtney Bibb

Angel (In Phoenix AZ)


Peter Tongue-

Lauren Galey –

Cyrus Etessam –

Cat –

Terri –

Carol Pippin

Chako Priest –

Ken Cherry –

Rebecca Jernigan –

Mike Jones and Tim Brown

Nikki Pattillo –

Diana Prant

Kabio – Alchemicalmagician .com

Lelie –

Mark Kimmel –

Heidi Moller

Akermi –

Ann Miller –

As far as we know we have not left anyone out, if we have though we apologize. These are the men and women who have helped and truly wished only the best for the Summit.

Considering that we contacted 150 other websites of Walk-Ins and Starseeds all claiming to be “Light Workers” who said they would not help and 45 other individuals, many who are walk-ins and Starseeds who also refused to help, this does not say much about these other peoples’ “collective consciousness.” The reasons each of these other site owners and individuals gave for not assisting was always the same – “We only promote our own events.” By the way, not one metaphysical book store was willing to assist in the promotion. We called all over the United States.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this should serve as an abrupt wakeup call for all the people on the planet who erroneously believe that all Light Workers are devoted to helping one another.

Note: In our spare time we are now beginning the process of choosing the Speakers for “The 2013 Walk-In and Starseed Summit.” It will be held in late June, 2013. We are once again “Calling all Good Souls” to assist in the promotion the Summit will need. If you can think of anyone, or if you are willing to help us with the promotional aspect, please email us at

If you know someone who is a Walk-In or Starseed that we may be interested in considering for this next Summit, please email us their contact information. They would need to be not only Spiritual, but any skills in math or science would be greatly appreciated. God wanted a website built for all the Summits; so we also now have   as our newest website.  Our other 3 websites will post links notifying you about updated information which will be available about Summits. The information will be viewable on the “Walk-in and Starseed Summit” website.

Salude…Celest and David (the www is not necessary)