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August 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Updated 8-8-2015

Thank you for participating. Celest and David

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At the conclusion of the Summit any questions we have not had time to answer will be addressed during the next Summit.


Question – Hello again Celest and David, if it’s not too late, and you have the time to answer, I’d like to know where all the vanishing planes and boats in the Bermuda Triangle, etc. have gone? And what’s happened to all of the people that were in them? Also, I’d like to know the cause behind the transgender population. It seems to have a lot of us confused. Can you please explain? Thanks, Nancy – USA

Our response – The Bermuda triangle forms a magnetic core similar to a type of vortex. But the triangle is composed of such highly concentrated energy particles and electrical energy wave currents which causes some electrical components to collide with other forms of the electrical energy waves. Water is a natural conductor of energy. So water not only sustains this magnetic current, it also heightens or amplifies it to such a degree, that anything that has any type of electrical component is naturally affected to one degree or another once it enters into the triangle’s field. Even centuries ago ships and boats contained some forms of metal which causes the ship or boat to gravitate to the electrical current. Many old timers used to believe the foolish legend that it wasn’t the triangle that caused these disappearances, but that it was Mermaids that were stealing the ships and boats. Today though we ourselves don’t think any ship, boat or plane, really should be in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle. Especially with all the changes and fluctuations occurring within and around Earth’s magnetic field. Also, remember that whether you can see it or not, all the underground mountains and valleys that lie beneath the waters are also susceptible to their own type of earthquakes. This causes the magnetic volleys which are a simultaneous expression of what is going on beneath the waters. It then splinters out much in the same manner as a shattered piece of glass. So the triangle is forever in a state of flux.

Many of the ships just broke apart and are buried beneath the waters, this also true of planes. People can not survive that type of assault on their bodies and are pulled in and under much in the same manner as a whirlpool will do. People do not really understand the massive depth that lies beneath the ocean floors. Being pulled into the “whirlpool” and being assaulted with invasive electrical charges would cause it to be very difficult for any person to survive for more than a couple of minutes. No, no Air Ship comes down to beam them to safety. Nor do they just magically shift into an alternate dimension.

Most People misunderstand magnetics unless they have a basic understanding of sound scientific principles. However, even those who consider themselves to be experts in the field do not yet understand that the knowledge they have is considered to be antiquated. In the future this will change; but for now this is the way it is.

As to the term “transgender,” it is a new term which replaces the older terms of transsexual and transvestite. It simply means that a person who is born into one gender but relates more to the opposite gender is unhappy with the physical gender they were born into. Many transgenders of today will reincarnate as the androgynous beings of the future. Off-world, all beings are androgynous. In this world however, there is more of a step-by-step process for many people to first undergo the transgender life. In other words; they are trying to get their bodies to catch up with where their minds are and this is an extremely difficult situation. Most people believe transgenders to be kooks because they are confused about their sexuality. It does not help their case when some of them find themselves being pulled into unacceptable behavior that actually catches the media’s attention and casts a pall over the entire transgender populace.


Question – First I would like to thank David and Celest, and all the Luminescents for “the very bound to the truth content” that they all put together for free on their websites.

I was driven to send this question due to the last Walk-In Summit where I read about one questioner mentioning his experience with a Grey Star Keeper.

At the very dawn of December 25th 2013 before Christmas day, I had a very special lucid experience which I found myself consciously looking at a cigar shaped spaceship in the dimension some recall as astral or lucid dreams. Then I thought whose spaceship that could be, and at the same thought frame I see right in front of myself a Grey Being, staring at me with huge eyes and a kind serious expression. Strangely my first reaction was to bond with the being and apologize for what we (humans) have caused to this planet.

Then I find myself in another scenario similar to a playground with a Autopista, (Autopista is a controlled access highway) and some other playground toys, then a good looking blonde woman comes out of the autopista, and I grab her by the arms and ask if she was a Djinn, so she becomes a vortex which pulled me back to my physical body, and then i wake up back to this realm.

My question is: Was that Grey Being one of My Consciousness´ Selves in a so called future frame?

Thank You David, and Celest. Have a great one. Samuel – Brazil

Our response – No, that was not your conscious self, it was a Grey Being that wanted to study you and learn more about you. This is not unusual, this is the main way that the Greys now interact with human beings, because the Greys themselves are trying to evolve. He was trying to understand how you think, what your goals are and why you do some of the things you do. You should be pleased about this, for telepathically the Grey was reading your thoughts and understanding your apology. You certainly were not in any danger. Many people are as curious about them as they are about people.


Question – What is a “Walk-Out?” Fredrik – Norway

Our response – We were wondering when someone was going to ask this question. A Walk-Out is a Walk-In who because of decisions made by the Walk-In, walks out and returns to his or her own home world. As part of the agreement that all Walk-Ins have with the person they are replacing, a Walk-In will leave at a designated period that has either been predestined through their mutual agreement, or a Walk-In may stay with the physical body until that body’s period of mortality has ended. Then there are Walk-Ins who find that the mission they are on is simply too difficult, too much for them to endure. So they Walk-Out. They are replaced by another Walk-In who feels he or she is up to the challenge. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. Some Walk-Outs simply can not attain compatibility with the personality, so the Walk-In chooses to Walk-Out because the personality has no flexibility. No repercussions are ever shown to Walk-Outs. They can only do what they can only do. In rare cases the original Soul will return to the body IF that Soul feels that it can now return to its mortal form until such time it has achieved what it came here to do, or it has reached its time-date-stamp.

We ourselves have recently seen people who have a Walk-In experience and have within a year’s time seen them Walk-Out, because they just couldn’t break through the personalities conditioning.

Being a Walk-In is not for everyone, it takes a certain level of fortitude, determination and maturity in order to be a competent Walk-In.


Question – Thanks Celest & David, I’m really enjoying all the questions and have been thinking about my own.  I guess I have two.  The first is about how the oxygen is being depleted.  How will that ultimately affect us?

Are we adapting to these lower levels?  Where I live there are a lot of fires, not too far away and air quality is an issue but it also makes me think of the oxygen depletion since fires require so much of it to burn and so a huge contributor of the loss of O2.  Will the depletion end at some point, will there be a reversal of this?   It seems like there are lung and heart conditions occurring rather frequently around me to friends and family, is this all related to the oxygen depletion?

The second question is about cynicism and how to combat the sense of outrage and horror of what is all around us, the violence of the crazies shooting people, the corruption in politics, the idiocy of the so many politicians and the end of civil discourse.  There are so many things obviously wrong in the world and people seem to go along as if this is normal while I am feeling a creeping cynicism that I don’t want to feel.  Practicing passionate detachment sounds good but I’m not sure really how or what that really means in practice.

Thanks for all you do, Melanie – USA

Our response – There are many causes for the oxygen depletion and none of them are good. Where do we start! Chemtrails, exhaust emissions from automobiles, airplanes, ships, any type of fossil fuel engine or motor. Large wind farms and solar plants are also major contributors. Dry dew points, loss of negative ions due to the lack of water in waterfalls themselves. Lack of CLEAN water is removing a huge amount of oxygen from the water and this is the main contributing factor why millions and millions of fish are dying. Plants can not produce enough chlorophyll which stimulates oxygen production. This then affects every living being on Earth. Oxygen should be the fundamental physical principle of sustaining life, just as water should be.

It already is affecting all of us and will continue to do so. The body’s organs can not function well on low oxygen. It simply is not possible. This is true of every insect, animal, sea creature and any lifeform. How long do you think the trees can last without enough oxygen? Oxygen is one of the best natural antibiotics and people don’t realize it.

Some people are adapting to the lower levels, but it is taking a great toll on their health.

Yes, fires are definitely removing great levels of oxygen in the air. Already this year literally millions of acres of land have burned just in Alaska alone. Again this comes back to all the plant life which no longer can sustain itself and this contributes to the lack of oxygen as well.

There will not be an end to the depletion for quite a long time. It’s easier if people learn to physically pace themselves, because that uses less oxygen in the body. Rain itself has become contaminated. Pesticides and the overuse of fertilizers also play a huge part in the loss of oxygen.

We seriously want everyone to hear what we are now about to say. Everyone needs to be aware that no longer can anyone continue to burn toxic materials such as plastic, foam, aluminum, all these things are items that people are still burning. This is contaminating the Earth, and the air, which effectively removes oxygen. It also has a bad effect on the water, foodstuffs and causes malignant diseases to invade bodies. We ourselves have resorted to using the only “liquid stabilized oxygen” we believe in and drink a teaspoon a day. This helps us keep our minds clear and our bodies functioning at a higher capacity.

Information about the “Liquid Stabilized Oxygen” can be found at We ourselves use the “Equine Oxygen” because it is a higher concentration and economically using this over the standard version saves money.

Maintaining the atmosphere of this planet is a delicate balancing act, one that works quite marvelously when not abused or interfered with.

Urban development is contributing in great measure not only to the depleted oxygen levels, but also is a factor in causing higher temperatures around the world. Yes, many people are developing many illnesses now which would not happen if we had the oxygen levels we all need. Yes, the illnesses you are speaking of are all related to what we are discussing here. Having house plants will improve your living conditions inside your homes to a degree.

Many people become so used to or so enamored with violence, corruption and idiocy, that it becomes a normal way of life to them. Because you and many other people are the opposite of this former group, yes it can cause you to become cynical if you are not careful. As organized chaos continues to weave its way through exposing everything that is corrupt, unjust and downright unfair, people will continue to act out because they do not want to let go of their cocoon of ignorance.

Learning to practice passionate detachment is like forming a “stop-sign” in your mind. You are being aware of what’s going on, but make sure you visualize that stop sign in your mind so that you will know when to detach yourself from any given situation. This may not make sense to you, but it does work. Look, we ourselves periodically ask ourselves if we are doing enough to help people. We question ourselves in this manner because the enormous scope of the totality of ignorance and hatred here, sometimes cause us to feel overwhelmed and question how much good we are doing. None of us is here to do it all, that would be impossibility. But boy if we could!!

Passionate detachment also means that although you are aware of what is going on you are remaining apart from it, to the best of your abilities. No, it is not easy but it is well worth the effort. Just remember that you are not alone, there are growing numbers of people all over this world who feel just as you and we ourselves do.


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