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August 2015 Walk-In SummitCelestial Blue Star and David of Arcturus

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Updated 8-4-2015

Thank you for participating. Celest and David

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At the conclusion of the Summit any questions we have not had time to answer will be addressed during the next Summit.


 Question – I also wanted to ask in the Summit if the person God and Blue Star talked about, the last so-called antichrist, would still show up. Cause God and Blue Star stop talking about him even in His latest book. But then I tossed the question, thinking timelines are our choice. Although Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon says this guy is so prominent that he shows up in every timeline, it’s like my mental part tosses him out. Like, Whatever. Deal with it as it comes. Make NOW first and foremost. If he shows in the NOW then we will deal with it as in that NOW. He’s not in this NOW. Refocus. Well, I mean to email my progress, guess this is one of them, too. LOVE, PU – Thailand

Our response – Perhaps reading what Commander Theda had to say when we interviewed her will help you better understand. It is better not to think about him, although we do feel you should read this from Theda.


Question – Hi Celest and David!! I’ve just read an extract from the God Book “Beyond the Veil ~ Epiphanies from God” and as soon as I read this segment I felt compelled to contact you both.

I have been battling anxiety for most of my life. However, after I had my second child, my life was turned upside down as my partner was interested in another woman and I was dealing with my son who has health problems and behavioral challenges and I just felt so out of body I began to suffer from debilitating panic attacks which are unfortunately a regular occurrence.  I have sought help however, none of them have hit the nail on the head. I have been told that Anxiety and panic attacks are on the rise and wondered if you had any information that could put me on the path to healing myself and removing elements that are holding me back from moving FORWARD. I saw a sign on the side of the road that said… “Imagine what you could achieve if you had no fear”…. it was so fitting. I appreciate any information you may have. Yours kindly, Bridgette – Australia

Our response – One aspect of this is that you must find a way to put the past behind you. It would also help if you could get past your insecurities and your lack of confidence in yourself. You are reading The God Books, which clearly shows you are on the right path. Each of these books do provide a healing. You are absolutely correct, when you said anxiety and panic attacks are on the rise. This happening among even the most strong-willed people. One thing we wish you to understand is that you are extremely empathic even if you do not know it yourself. What you and so many others are picking up on is what we term, “The Silent Scream.” This scream which is silent as far as the auditory ability is concerned, is none the less extremely loud energetically. We ourselves can sense when the tonal pitch is rising up and down across the planet. We have to buffer ourselves in order to avoid empathically feeling the vibrations and sadness, rage, anxiety and desperation which are the core of the silent scream. No, it is not always easy to cope with this, however you can not bring peace into your life and continue moving forward effortlessly without understanding this.

Whatever happened in your past doesn’t matter, it’s over, the past is over. It’s what you do from this point on that matters. Stop feeling beaten down. You are so much stronger than you realize.

We will give a suggestion to you which we have shared with others in their times of need. What we would like you to do is to Create a list of everything you “no longer allow in your life.” This is a clearing-out process. Once you are satisfied that you have it all written down… JUST BURN IT! Recognizing the enemy is an important part of your healing process. You will find once you read your list that everything you write down on your list will actually be a fear. All insecurities originate in the mind. When you read all the things you write down you will SEE the enemy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here is a sign for you from us; “Imagine what you could achieve by destroying those fears.”


Question – Hello David and Celest – I have contacted you once before and I was wondering if you could help me. I only became aware of the Ascension about a year or so ago.  I have read all of your God Books published so far, and I am on Volume 2 of Blue Star’s Transmissions. I am confused because everywhere I turn or every book I read tells me something different. They could be saying the same things and I am interpreting it incorrectly, though.

I have just recently started meditating again because I have been in so much emotional and mental pain the last few months.  My question is, “How will I know if I am going to ascend with Mother Earth or not?” What confuses me is that I have read that everyone will ascend (but not the dark energy humans) because the Earth is ascending (or has already stepped into the 5th Dimension). I read in other books that I need to be “awake” in order to ascend.  To be “awake” to my understanding is that you have to be consciously in touch with at least your Higher Self.

Since this is a fairly recent discovery for me (but the best discovery of my life!) I just need some clarification!  I am worried, though, that I won’t be ascending with Mother Earth because I am not “awake.”  It brings me to tears just writing this because I so want to ascend!

Would you please be able to clarify for me? I am a good, loving soul with many human defects, but if I am a basically good person, does that mean I will ascend?

I thank you in advance if you are able to take the time to respond to my email.  Thanks so much for all the work you have been doing for so very long!  I only wish I had heard about the Ascension earlier, so I could be more prepared. Connie – USA

Our response – it is not unusual to say the same thing but use different wording. Some words trigger responses on different levels with people. Yet those same words may not trigger any response in other people who are on different levels of understanding. Interpreting words in a book is relevant to each individual’s understanding. There has to be a working agenda which allows all people on all levels to be able to read one book and understand it, yet they cannot always read a different book and understand it.

First of all, ascension is a CONSTANT Energy; ascension occurs every moment. Every time you think a new thought, feel inspired, talk to others and share what you are learning you are ascending. And yes, this same applies to each and every time you QUESTION something…. you are ascending. Ascension is never in stasis mode. And yes, people who are de-volving are de-cending into a lower form of themselves. For heaven’s sake, if you weren’t awake you wouldn’t be reading any of The God Books or Blue Star’s books. If you weren’t ascending you wouldn’t be participating in the Summits! You ARE in touch with your Higher Self, you may not know that you are, but you are. To be awake simply means to be in awareness of some of the greater truths. That type of awareness shows ascension in action.

You are ascending right along with Earth, stop making things complicated for yourself. Too many people are becoming fixated with “dimensions.” They really need to stop that. Stop being so hard on yourself, you are scaring your “personality.”

We had an email the other day from a person who stated: “IF I decide to ascend can I take my mother with me?” This person is someone we simply have to leave to God to have Him straighten this one out. Each and everyone is responsible for only themselves in this regard.

But of course the dark energy humans can not ascend, this is impossible because they are de-scending into a lower form of themselves. These people are not “awake” in the sense we are all talking about. Their only awareness is their responses to evil. And evil lives in “The Dead ZONE!”

Everyone ascends at a different pace that is predicated upon their thoughts, actions and deeds. So we wish you a happy ascension throughout your mortality.

Remember, emotional and mental pains are merely fears that need to be conquered or eradicated.

Also, you are human and you are going to have some “defects,” it is the way of this world. It’s all part of walking this journey. Besides, if you didn’t make some mistakes what would you learn?

When you said: “It brings me to tears just writing this because I so want to ascend!” What do people expect about ascension? Do people think bells would start ringing and God would yell down “YOU ARE ASCENDING?” It does not happen that way. Ascension is a natural process, it is a constant sometimes subtle process. At times it provides a quickening of Spirit and you may begin to feel different. Remember, ascension is a sequential process guiding people to each next level. And we all ascend at a different pace.

God said to tell you “I will give you an “Atta girl/Goddess” merit award for standing on your own two feet. Not everyone is doing this these days.”

Frankly, we are proud of your progress and so should you be.


Question – Do your books stand alone? Or do you need to read in succession?

Gloria – USA

Our response – In one of the books God had suggested the books should be read in succession. The purpose for this is to follow sequential steps in learning or relearning the information. He also stated that if they were not read in order that the information would still come through to them, they just may not understand as completely or as in-depth as they may have if they had done otherwise. What is important is that people do have access to this information.


Question – Hi people,

My question is about walk-ins. Actually I have 2 questions.

When a walk-in takes over, do they receive all the memories of the former person?

When a walk-in comes in, does the DNA change?

Love and greetings, Maria – Netherlands

Our response – We will give you a yes and a no as part of this answer. No Walk-In ever remembers more than just a tiny bit that were actually the memories of the former person. Most Walk-Ins have difficulty remembering much prior to their walking-in. This is to prevent an overload of information while they are still trying to adapt to their new environment as well as dimensional density. And do not forget they also have to adapt to having a physical body which in most cases feels quite awkward. Also, they remember only what they need to in order for them to cleanup and finish any unfinished business which the former person left behind.

Oh yes, there are many changes which occur during the Walk-In process. Many Walk-Ins suffer from sinusitis. Most experience much lower blood pressure than people who are not Walk-Ins. If the people they replace were suffering from high blood pressure problems, then the Walk-Ins must continually work within their own DNA in an attempt to bring the blood pressure down to a more normal rate. If the body they “inherited” has physical issues which may prevent them from fulfilling their chosen missions, they will have to work on self-healing. DNA of Walk-Ins is very different, yet WE are able to integrate our DNA with the human form in order for them to be compatible. Most Walk-Ins have a deep craving for hot spicy foods. This is to help them achieve a certain metabolic level they need in order to survive here.

The DNA structure remains in this different type of a different state of altered inner structure for as long as the Walk-In remains in the human body. Migraines and other forms of severe headaches can be a big problem for many of us due to our empathic abilities. Being a Walk-In can be a very difficult path to walk especially if the one they are replacing has a personality which is inflexible.


Question – Hello Celestial and David; Did UFO aircraft fall, resulting in Area51? Also, Did the Apollo 20 crew discover an ET female entity? Carla – USA

Our response – Area 51 was built because of UFOs that were either brought down by storms or had crash landed here. They were secreted away in Area 51 in an attempt to reverse-engineer the technology. They had to have a place in order to do the work. So area 51 was built as a result of this.

The Apollo crew encountered many Star Keepers, both male and female. And they were not the first ones to encounter them. There has never been a single manned (human) spacecraft that has not seen Star Keepers in their Starships. Often times these Starships will simply follow along with the manned spacecraft. They do not really try to hide their presence. They know how to distort cameras and other monitoring devices when they do not want to be seen.


**** We have decided that occasionally we will intersperse true life stories that we think you may be able to learn from. This is definitely one of them.

What to do and what not to do.

Believe what we are sharing with you, for truth is often much stranger than fiction.

Years ago when I (Celest,) was still accepting students who I knew had great potential to be of service to humanity, I think God decided to throw me a curveball. He sent a man to me via telephone whom I shall call “Mel,” although that is not his real name. He was cocky, arrogant, and a real know-it-all who knew very little. But I knew I was to mentor him for reasons that would become clear in the future. The first seven years I worked with him he gave me headaches on a constant basis. Towards the end of the seventh year he began to mature and develop his abilities. I always knew he could and I expected him to make many mistakes along the way.

But one big mistake he made surprised even me and that is not easy to do. At that time I gave everybody a three strike rule. At that time he was already on his second strike and I made sure he knew it. One day I picked up the phone and there was Mel who lived on the other side of the U.S., telling me about his “plan.” He wasn’t asking me if it was a good plan, but I wouldn’t have told him if it was anyway. After seven years I expected him to use good judgment and not act stupidly. However he forgot the good judgment part.

Here is what he said: “tonight I am going to take on the beast. I am going to bring it to its knees. Then I’ll cut its head off.” My first thought-response was “OHHHHHHH he’s in big trouble.” Did I tell him that? Of course not. Anyone who works with me for any length of time knows that if they are going to fall on their face or on another part of their body because they didn’t remember their lessons, then they deserve what they get. Mel lived in a very bitterly cold part of the country and it was winter. It was just him and his three-legged dog. He heated his house with a large wood burning stove. So it was that three days later my phone rang and I heard a very sheepish, weak-voiced Mel. And all he said at first was “why didn’t you warn me?” I told him “he should have known better. And he deserved what he got.”

Here is what happened to him. That day that he called me he loaded up his wood burning stove, put food and water out for the dog and then “strutted” across the kitchen floor and looking upwards yelled out as loud as he could, “come-on beast, I’m taking you on.” As soon as those fatal words were out of his mouth he heard an ungodly noise which was difficult for him to describe. Then suddenly his entire large kitchen was filled with the blackest shape of something with incredibly evil eyes and the most rancid smell. Immediately that “thing” picked him up and threw him up to the ceiling, with his back splayed against the ceiling and his arms and legs spread out. The dog ran into the bedroom and didn’t come back out for three days. And the thing disappeared as soon as it had dispatched Mel. Mel was glued to the ceiling. He could not move, arms, legs nothing. All he could do was breathe.

At the end of the first day the wood burning stove went out. At the end of the third day suddenly, all in one moment, he fell from the kitchen ceiling and landed onto the floor on his face and his stomach. He was in great pain by then. He told me the worst part of the whole experience was that he really had to go to the bathroom. From that experience the man learned a humility he never had before in his life. He had learned a core lesson of what not to do and when not to do it. It changed him completely. He became very focused, very studious, easier to work with and is now one of the most outstanding Spiritual teachers in this country. He still wonders why from time to time why the “thing” did not kill him. Although I know the answer I am not telling him. He only needs to know what he only needs to know. Today Mel David and I, share an incredible loving Spiritual bond with one another. And we all still chuckle about knowing that he chose a really weird, whacky, dangerous way to “Evolve.” This is something that will forever be a part of his memory.

Now David’s story while different, was definitely similar in nature. Guess they just got to do what they got to do even if they should know better. If nothing else the replays of these types of incidents on “The Cosmic Billboard” titled “Don’t do this either” generally has a standing room only audience.

David preferred the two-step process of regaining his humility and greater understanding of those “things” that go “bump in the night.” Especially when he is incarnate and is donning a human form. I can not say I agree with his choices, for I most certainly do not. So hopefully, some of you will learn from their mistakes.

David – Way back when, shortly after I had “remade” my acquaintance with Celest and I had regained my sentience enough to use my “third-eye sight,” I was working outside one day listening to the news. I became disgusted with the repetitious events which seemed to continually occur over and over again with all the wars and degradation towards the peoples of this planet. I mustered up my strength, stared straight out into the “ethers” and in one loud voice declared “Devil show yourself to me!” In a matter of no-time at all I was assaulted with vision after vision of different images depicting the most ugly, cruel, gruesome faces I had ever seen before. They made me recoil, but I could not retreat to get away from them, for I was held there and they weren’t letting me go anywhere. WHAT A MISTAKE.

In my arrogance I never really learned the lesson well and was unfortunately doomed to make the same, however slightly different, mistake once again. Later on, after I had spent much quality time with Celest, she and God told me that I was on a fact paced track to REMEMBERING. Celest worked with me day in and day out for four months. She taught me and reacquainted me with my warrior self and taught me how to use energy and create swords and lasers to do battle to defend myself. With each tiny step forward the dark’s minions would come at me testing me to see how much progress I had made. More often than I would like to remember Celest had to come and “pull my bacon out of the frying pan.” Hoverer since I still had not learned quite well enough what it meant when she told me to “know when to surrender but never give up.” I guess I mixed the two up in my excitedness of utilizing my newfound “tools.”

After a period of going into battle on a nightly basis, finally one night I felt I had had enough. Like Mel I was feeling cocky and tired of being “picked on” day in and day out. So I said those fatal words, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I said them out loud. I still cringe to this day thinking about it. What I uttered verbally was “Come on, bring it on, Let’s Rock and Roll.”

The term “all hell broke loose” aptly applies here. I rapidly found myself engaged in doing battle with so many dark entities my head was spinning from swinging about to and fro trying to defend myself. I am sure I must have telepathically screamed out to Celest… HELP!!! This is where I will sheepishly let her finish MY STORY.

Celest – I heard David very clearly and looked into the situation and saw he was battling for his life. For a moment there I thought “Oh, there he goes again.” But I immediately leaped into the fray with swords and lasers swinging and between us we defeated the horde he had unwittingly called in. The only thing I said to him was “don’t you ever do that again!”

David – I do hope others will learn from our mistakes. Although from what I have witnessed here on this world, the Children rarely learn from being told of others’ experiences. So many choose to have the same experiences themselves.

By the way, Celest, Mel and I only have a one-strike rule now.


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