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August 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Updated 8-1-2015

Note: we have received great questions so far and we look forward to many more. Below are a few of them that we have answered. We will be updating the Questions and Answers sections on a daily basis until the conclusion of the Summit. So please check back daily.

Thank you for participating. Celest and David

The Summit runs from Saturday August 1st to Sunday August 9th

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At the conclusion of the Summit any questions we have not had time to answer will be addressed during the next Summit.


Question – Are the dates recently mentioned [Jan. 13 and Aug. 12 in the January 2015 Summit] gridline intersections where a shift is seen as happening or a target is met, similar to Dec. 21, 2012, and/or are they points of doors/gates opening or closing.

Our response – What people fail to understand is that the shift is already happening. It began years ago and is simply accelerating now and is doing so in the form of Organized Chaos. Land masses are altering whether people are aware of it or not. Some land is sinking, while other lands are rising above the ocean. Waterways are following new directional flows because of the way the land is shifting. And yes, the continental masses are themselves moving as well, just as they have done many, many times in the Earth’s past history.

Yes, these are gridline intersections, but they have already begun and they will only continue to increase. And you should all be aware by now how people are changing, their minds are shifting in many directions and not all of them are good directions. And yes, these intersections are points of doors and gates opening as well as points of doors and gates closing. People who use discernment should be able to tell which is which. Doors must close before other doors can open. Everyone would be wise to look at this not only on a planetary level but on a personal level as well. These doors and gates are all points of the crux of those gridline intersections.

Question – And, on dimensional shifting: I recall reading that Earth supported dimensional life from 1 to 9. Recently, a statement said from 2 to …  Will Earth soon no longer support 2D life? Will 3D life also become non-compatible in the not too distant future? I have done a lot of processing by shifting (the mind?) into an altered state which is more limited and which I consider to be 3D. Will this option remain even if 3D living is no longer compatible? Light and love, Maureen – USA

Our response – 2 D life is at its final stages now. 3d life can not possibly be compatible with the higher dimensional shifting. Earth’s consciousness at this time is so much higher now than it was before, because she is no longer a part of 2D or 3D dimensional life. This is all about altered frequencies and altered vibrations. The more the vibration of the Earth and the more the vibrations of many people on Earth ascend to a higher level, to a more mature level, the less possibility there is that any compatibility between the higher and the lower can co-exist. Frequencies co-align with vibrational levels, therefore as the levels go up the frequencies must change to a much higher pitch. They literally become more evolved factions of themselves. No, trying to convince yourselves that the higher and the lower can coexist is irrational. It would be like trying to mix oil and water and people should soon learn to understand this. People themselves who are moving forward are ascending into a different dimensional form of themselves. A different vibrational form, a different vibrational frequency. This is why so many people can no longer get along together. People who are in a standstill mode or in a retrograde mode can not be compatible with people who are in the mode of developmental evolvement. Oil and water, oil and water, oil and water.

When 3D living is no longer compatible it is eradicated. It simply ceases to exist. None of you should trouble yourself about this, if you just keep moving forward and “Let go and let God” you will be just fine.

Question – I think one of “The God Books” mentioned about feeling the roots of the hair hurt. I have experienced this for years. But there was no explanation, only the mentioning of the symptom. Could you please elaborate about it? Thank you. Wimolrat (Thailand) LOVE, Pu

Our response The Crown Chakra is one of the most important chakras of the human body, although there are well over 125 chakras in the chakra system. The Crown Chakra connects directly to what is called the “Kundalini.” The Kundalini is the life-force which travels through a natural arc up a person’s spine and connects directly to the Crown Chakra. Although all the chakras are vitally important you can think of the Crown Chakra as the Crown Master. All the other charkas in this system revolve in a sense through the Crown Chakra. And of course with the crown being the focal point for the Kundalini to be firmly integrated, it should not be a surprise that the very roots of the hair and this includes the roots a bald person may have. They may not have hair but they are still roots. They still have certain nerve follicles which can replace the hair follicle and still remain connected to the Crown Chakra. So it that the life-force continuously, sometimes very subtly, strokes either the nerve type of follicles or the hair follicles themselves. Now in this fashion it is continuously clearing, cleaning and imbuing increments of life-force into the Crown Chakra and into the roots. It really is no mystery. It’s just never been explained to people.

Question – Lately I have noticed more shows on TV talking about the very gifted children that are being born now called Indigo children.  These very special gifted children will be the new people ruling the new earth.  Can you tell us more about them? Thank you, Lana USA

Our Response – Although all children are “special’ there have always been those who are particularly “gifted.” Indigo Children have been here for well over 20 years so we don’t know why people are just starting to mention them now. Unfortunately, so many of these children have been exploited due to the fact that word about them became public knowledge. We ourselves “collided” with a man who was a PHD attempting to really exploit those children by planning to take them away from their parents and raising them in an institution of his. His publically spoken goal was to bring them to the peak of understanding their gifts. However his agenda was to control them. No one will be “ruling” the NEW Earth. That is what got us in so much trouble in the first place. The Indigos are fine, they are learning to “slow down” and live in a more practical world manner. Most of them are content with just knowing they are gifted and they will be informed when it is time to use all their special gifts. In the meantime, several years ago we were the first ones to reveal the fact that many new children being born are the Starlight Children. We revealed this on a Canadian talk show we were speaking on. The Starlight Children are bringing even more gifts with them than the Indigos did. This is a part of developmental evolution. In time, Indigos and Starlights will combine their energy for the good of all.

Question – Dear Celest & David Today (Feb 5) I decided to watch the video of that Jordanian pilot burned alive. I’ve never watched any of these video but don’t know why this time I decide to do so, partly it’s just there posted on my Line. I feel detached emotionally and pray for the guy. However, when all ends I feel like my solar plexus is punched. Guess I’m alright emotionally but not energetically, so I meditate for a while till I feel better but the knocks still there. I know I will not watch anything like that again. However I hope you will kindly clarify what’s really going on in this episode. Thank you very much. Pu – Thailand

Our Response – Never, never, never fall into that trap of watching those types of terrible videos which depict such graphic violence. That is not something that should have ever been shown to the public. It was done to instill fear and hate and served no other purpose other than to throw people off-balance. Of course you felt it in your Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is a great receiver of energies which it distributes to all other parts of the body and mind. So in this case you took a hard hit Spiritually and even your personality felt the shockwaves of something that was so alien to it. Perhaps you learned something from this experience. We hope what you learned was to never intentionally place yourself in this type of devastating and totally unacceptable episode of degradation and horror. “Being aware” does not mean always having to bear witness firsthand.

Question – Dear Celest and David, Thanks for your work, we gained much insight from your book Now we have a curious question….. with reference to the new order of the days.  For centuries, even during the changing of dates when our Gregorian calendar was corrected, the sequence of days were not changed. Sunday the first through Saturday the seventh. Now lately all more calendars are making ready for the Illuminati Pope and his decree that Sunday is the seventh day and it will be enforced as a rest day etc.  Are you supporting this change, or was the sequence of six days work and seventh day rest also just an illusion ?? Love and Light to you, Johan and Annamarie – South Africa

Our Response – It was all an illusion; it was all about control. It forced people to synchronize their daily lives, their business lives and especially their religious lives around certain numerical days of the week. It was all diabolically plotted; unfortunately people have bought into this for centuries. Now if they don’t have a calendar with them and they don’t know what day of the week it is they feel lost. This is a prime example of conditioning or as Blue Star has often referred to as… con-ditioning. This whole situation was to further reinforce the belief in linear time. Even though linear time was an illusion of an illusion, and does not exist on any planet in any Universe.

Question – These two quotes taken from January’s Summit:

“Is the Ambassador of the Red Dragon family who he says he is and is he of the Christ consciousness?” What and who is this person?

Our Response – We believe we answered this in the previous Summit.

Question continues – “Then I was reading Emiel’s message Session 4 “Chemtrails and Genocide.” In this message, he explains very deeply what toxic chemtrails are by letting us know the toxic chemicals in chemtrails, the reasons why they do chemtrails – to size down the number of people and create such negativity on Earth which for me is a totally different opinion about Chemtrails. Emiel also kindly let us know how we can protect ourselves from those toxic chemtrails.”

There was last year a special on YouTube a good hour I believe on a group investigating and approaching our Congress about chemtrails, but they all avoided talking.  Including our (MI) former senator Carl Levin and armed forces committees probably did know something.  I believe Senator Friedman (female from CA) not sure of spelling, said she’d get back…. Thank you, Gloria – USA

Our response – Please don’t expect anybody to get back to the public about this question. All countries are involved to one extent or another in the spraying of chemtrails. They will not discuss it. They claim that the people who believe there are chemtrails are conspiracy theorists. But sometimes conspiracy theorists know what they are talking about. Governments don’t like to hear that. Governments will continue to deny, deny, deny. What they fail to understand is that the more they deny, the more people understand that the governments are lying and this gives more credence to the “alleged” conspiracy. Yes, people need to know that chemtrails are here and that they are deadly. Don’t expect an elected official who promises to reveal the truth about chemtrails to follow through with this. It would be political suicide and in all likelihood could cause the politician to die an early death.

Question – Hello Celest and David, Do you know if I made a contract to have a mid brain infarction this lifetime and was I chanting in some native American language during that time, or talking in tongues, as my son said, lol. Also was my space cousin there with me? These are questions for the next summit. Thank you, pls. keep me in your prayers and I will do the same. PUSH-in the next three days. I love you both.. Carla – USA

Our Response – We can’t say with any certainty that the brain infraction was part of your Soul Contract. No one is allowed to read another person’s Soul Contract. But we can tell you that you did have spatial members of your family present. We can not say if one of them was a cousin simply that they were part of your spatial family. You were speaking in some type of tongue but we cannot identify it. It does not feel as if it were Native American; it feels as if it is more of an off-world dialect. We think of you often.

Question – What is ‘Good Fight’?

Because we are in this practical world which seems to be going crazier everyday, there are many incidents even in a day which make me feel ‘unfair, injustice and then bull**** etc’ on and on. I can think of one thing that practicing Passionate Detachment hard and apply to every upsetting situation and keep myself calm, neutral and non-judgmental. However, I wonder ‘is this enough?’ Is it enough to keep myself peaceful and strong that I will not get dragged down by so many unpleasant and negative situations because they need to happen in that way? There is a saying ‘things are not always what they seem to be’. So material wealth, popularity, power, good family background and positions cannot provide the profound, abundant joy and love we will have in the soon to be Golden NOW which we want to bring into this reality as quickly as possible for all. From here to get there, there are many, many things we have to work on and I would like to know what is ‘Good Fight’ by getting there not succumbing to our negative circumstances we have made for far too long and how to have Good Fights.

Celest and David, thank you for your willingness to share your so much wisdom and insights which are so needed in this turbulent time we are going through. Thank you and much love. MISUN CHANG – Japan

Our Response– Feeling that things are unfair, unjust is a natural response for a person to feel that way when the person is completely different from the people who practice unfairness and deceit as a way of life. Because you feel this way it clearly shows that you have a good understanding of right from wrong. You should be very proud of yourself for being able to maintain passionate detachment as often as you are able to. Of course it is not easy to do, no one said it would be. But it IS worth it.

Don’t wonder if it is enough, keeping yourself peaceful and strong is a way of holding the Light. There is so much negativity going on right now and it is all playing out its roles. This is the way it must be. It only requires you to be aware that you are assisting in changing things by holding the Light. As long as the Light is lit the darkness can not overcome you.

What is “good fight?” It is the ability to maintain your beliefs and focus your intent on the Golden NOW despite the madness going on around you. This fight, the good fight will be won in the hearts, the minds and the Souls of all good people. Being aware that you KNOW you need to be aware of the contentious behavior and the greed that so permeates so many millions of people’s minds on this planet is one way of participating in “The Good Fight!” No blood needs to be drawn, for the winning is the Spiritual overtaking the material. You can do no wrong.

Self improvement, self-realization, non-bias, breaking preconditioned beliefs and behavior patterns are all part of “The Good Fight.”


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