December 21, 2012 has passed – Now What?

~The Wavering Effects~

Looking ahead – beyond the 21st of December

Our first “Online Mini Summit”

Live streaming was on January 5th, 2013

Our goal is to help people better understand the manner in which all that is occurring in the world today impacts significantly upon everybody’s future tomorrows. By bringing into focus why it is necessary for people to make decisions which each person can benefit from while still being in service to others, we can accentuate the positive role we all have which can and will assist in the formation of a better tomorrow. This can occur through heightened awareness of the ever-changing realities we are all experiencing today. This can take place on many levels of awareness; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. The more we understand the cyclic changes taking place, the better prepared we are to contribute to these changes. We can do so in a positive manner through thought, goals and the result of all actions taken or not taken.

No one can return to the former way of life because it is already in the process of becoming nonexistent. Each person needs to learn to live life in a better way. By co-joining our thoughts, inspirations and aspirations in the practical sense as well as the spiritual sense, we can authenticate our purpose thus causing each of us to have the ability to grow exponentially. Adapting to new ways and Creating more new paradigms is the secret KEY to unlocking the full potential of our immortal selves. By determining what is no longer relevant in personal as well as collective lives, our adaptability factor to not only meet the future but participate in its continuous formation, we then can be a benevolent force to be reckoned with. We all have come too far and endured far too many trials and tribulations to not be willing to step forward and share truth and debunk mistruths.

We will talk about the poetry and magic of life and its limitless possibilities. We will also be discussing the new levels of the wavering effects that many people are succumbing to. We encourage you during the question and answer session to be actively involved by presenting the questions that you have not been able to find any answers to.

Speakers will be Celestial Blue Star, Rebecca Jernigan, David of Arcturus, Norma Hollis, Wendy Kennedy, Guy Red Owl and our newest addtion Craig Campobasso. Click here to find out more about the Speakers and other details.

This event will be live streaming and will last approximately 4 hours and we will be taking questions from the attendees via the chatroom.

The mini “Online Summits” are designed so that people from all over the world can participate via the internet.


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