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~Walk-In and Starseed Summit Testimonials~

(We wish to send a special Thank You to those who shared their experiences with us so that we could share them with all of our readers. Celest and David)

I want to thank Celest and David and the rest of the team at the Starseed/Walk-In Summit.  It was an incredible experience and an awakening for myself. It was a very” hands on” event and many soul connections occurred. I have never been involved in anything quite like this event and look forward to participating in the next one. I must admit that I was not certain about what would happen prior to coming to the Starseed/Walk-in Summit, but my soul compelled me and drew me to come. I’m so glad I listened to my soul and made the commitment to do so because I’m more enlightened as a result. It was a very engaging event filled with valuable and insightful knowledge.

It was fun, entertaining and exciting. Wow, how can spiritual content be so, but yet was and is so much more!! Ever since the Summit, I’ve experienced life-changing scenarios as a result. My understanding of what is possible is transcending. My view of who I am and my purpose is clear. I am at peace with kindness and love to spare. I am beyond grateful and appreciative for GOD and  all the teachers and everyone involved to make the Summit an awesome experience. I know that everything happens for a reason and there is SYNCHRONICITY in life. So if you are wondering if you should attend the next Summit, do not hesitate just DO IT because you can do it! I am glad I participated and am a much better person and soul for it!

THANKS! Imun (the first Summit)


I have to say that this 2012 Summit has been one of the most unique and life changing experience of my life. I found out about Celest and David from reading the first book of the God Books series, “And Then God said.., Then I said.., Then He said..,” which they collaborated with Suzy Ward. I accidently stumbled on to  the Mathew Books series and this lead to this book. Everything in the book that was talked about resonated with me. After reading these  books, a lot of incredible miraculous incidents happened to me that I know it could only came from God and his helpers. Later on, I found out about the 2012 Starseed , Walk-ins, and Earthseed Summit on bluestarspeaks.com and I knew I had to attend, but I was also hesitant because I felt intimidated. I didn’t know who I was, whether I was a starseed, earthseed, or someone else. I figured that everyone attending knows who they were. I kept having a strong feeling that I need to go and that I was curious to see what this is all about and to get a chance to meet Celest, David and the other speakers.

I have to say it was an incredible experience. I felt that everyone there was a family and that we have already met before a long.. long.. time ago. It was like a family reunion.  I’m a very shy person and I don’t mingle or connect with people that easily, but at the Summit I felt my heart chakra opened up because I was surrounded by honest and caring people, I had no problem talking to anybody. There were so many synchronicity occurrences that happen to me, they confirmed to me that I was meant to be there, to learn what I needed to learn, and to meet the people that I needed to meet, especially Celest and David. All the speakers there were wonderful and we got to have a one on one interaction with them, they were always around in case we have any questions. We even ate lunch and dinner with them. By the way, I found out who I was, thanks to Zaz.  It was a great honor for me to be surrounded and be taught by such loving, dedicated, and spiritual teachers.  I can’t wait to attend the next one.

StarLight (the first Summit)


(live from) wolfspirit.switchboard: <<< that was a marvelous and well organized Seminar (the first Online Summit)


(live from) wolfspirit.switchboard: <<< you are having a great seminar (the first Online Summit)


Dear David and Celest, After hearing the summit for the 2nd time I can tell you that I enjoyed the enthusiasm and sincerity of all the speakers. I love the sturdy energy of Rebecca. I sometimes found it difficult to understand Wendy and Mrs P. , but I was still interested in what she was saying. I had no problem understanding Guy Red Owl this time.  I was really curious about real native Americans. How they are experiencing this time. I really liked him. Greg Campobasso had a totally different perspective. I think the different perspectives, give extra interest. I also liked Norma’s story.  I really liked you and David. You are really inspiring and I think David has a lot to offer by telling about his own experiences, because he had to learn many things that most of us are struggling to learn now. It was a great group of people. Love, Maria (the first Online Summit)


Hey you two. The summit was spectacular! I was impressed with the content – of course. Norma (the first Online Summit)


Hello to my dear sister and brother, I wanted to let you know that I think the online mini summit was fabulous.  I learned so much from the two of you and Craig Campobosso.  I just listened to the summit for the second time and could not believe how much I missed the first time, enjoyed the second time so much more. Looking forward to the next summit. God bless and protect you both. Sending love always, Lana (the first Online Summit)


Hello, Celest and David! Thank you for putting together the on-line summit! It was very informative, and I loved all the information! I really liked hearing your voices too! I have a question though… if we are already in 4th dimension, then why is there still SO MUCH darkness? It seems that the violence– eg in the Middle East, the sex-slave trading, the child abuse, the murders, — would have diminished somewhat if it is just residual energy streamers or “clean up” time. I thought that these low vibrations could not exist in the higher dimension? Others may be wondering this too. Also, how do you ask God for his ID when you speak to Him? You have mentioned this in your books before… I am hoping that God gives you the divine nudge to answer this — perhaps even on your website as others may have the same questions.  Thank you again!!. Love and light, Helen A. (the first Online Summit)


Dear Celest and David, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and appreciation to both of you for doing the Summit today with Rebecca and the other speakers.  It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to connect with you and listen to the many interesting and important insights that were discussed and addressed during this time. It is a most incredible time to be on this planet without doubt, just as we are sure to witness many more shifts and changes in the months and years to come.  Thank you for your dedication and service, and please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything. Sincerely, Tobias B. – Winnipeg, Canada (the first Online Summit)


Hi guys, got your email.  Great to hear from you!  Miss you lots!  Mini summit was good.  I enjoyed it; but, loved our format more. (referring to the “first” Summit which was held in Colorado September 2012)  I enjoyed the speakers, though.  Can’t wait to see you in June!!!  Love to you both…..xoxox cissi (the first Online Summit)