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January 2015 Walk-In Summit

Your Comments, your Questions and our Answers

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Updated on 1-14-2015

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Note: we have received some great questions so far and we look forward to many more. Below is a few of them that we have had time to answer so far. Please check back often for updated information. Thank you for participating. Celest and David

Question – Lately I have noticed more shows on TV talking about the very gifted children that are being born now called Indigo children. These very special gifted children will be the new people ruling the new earth. Can you tell us more about them? Thank you, Lana from Missouri – USA

Our response – Ok, the Indigo children first began being noticed in the 80’s. They are not “new” to the Earth. They were and still are very psychically gifted children in their own right. However, many other “new children” have come into being since then. The rainbow children, the crystal children etc. Although they are all gifted their entrances seem to come in waves and then still more gifted children enter. The latest children are the ones we disclosed information about several years ago when we were given permission to reveal their existence. These are the Star Light Children. We did speak about them on several radio interviews. No, the indigos will not be “ruling” the new Earth. They along with the Star Light children will share growth experiences and teach human beings how to actually be the new “gardeners of the new Earth.” None of the children will RULE anything though. That is NOT their destiny. These children however will all continue to work with White Rose.

Question – More and more shows I have seen who claim to have proof that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Now, how exciting is this that this is coming forth for all to witness?

My question is will the truth that there really was no crucifixion also be brought out in the near future? Can we only imagine how this is going to anger many people who will never accept this in their lifetime? Thank you, Lana from Missouri – USA

Our response – Yes of course Jesus and Mary were and still are married. That has always been a closely guarded secret that the Vatican enforces by whatever means they deem necessary. More and more people are waking up and understanding that NO, there was no crucifixion. This will continue to be a difficult subject for all people do deal with because their religions are based on lies. When religious people discover their religions have lied to them, these people’s foundations in life will be totally shattered. So yes, they will EVENTUALLY hear the truth, BUT that is still a long way off. White Rose is steadfastly working towards that goal though, and White Rose is very good at what they do. Interestingly enough God just gave us a message to give you. He is saying, “Please tell her that although people will act out in brazen fashion and demand proof, the best “proof” they will have is at the moment they leave their mortal lives.”

Question – Dear Celest and David,

This is MI from Osaka, Japan. I love your information on your websites. They are so open and so much in-depth. I can’t say thank you enough for both of your hard work and so much devotion.

Time is flying for me and already one third of this month has passed. Since I read that you were going to hold a summit in January, two things causing problems in me have surfaced. I have been troubled with. I will just write down all the names and the details I remember now of a “channeling” I read about somewhere else. I will try to keep them simple.

My first confusion is about PROTECTION. One audience member said ………. that he felt some kind of necessity to protect himself, then ……. mentioned if that was what he thought, then he would create something he should protect from.

So it was like to me, ‘don’t think and feel that you have to protect yourself, if so, you will eventually manifest such circumstances that you have to protect yourself from. Follow your highest excitement. By doing so, you will create so much positivity for your reality and it means you will raise your consciousness above where any dark mind cannot reach’.

Then I was going through Matthew’s messages and the God books, in those there are suggested messages that we protect ourselves imagining surrounded by White light. Because beings on the dark side already know who we are and what we are going to do. Also in every street, there are beings with very dark intention to cause problems for people on Earth now like scanners.

Need to protect or don’t think to protect. Just follow my heart?

Our response – in a perfect world no one would need to protect themselves; however as long as we are walking in human form we most certainly do need to. Yes, we all have protection from our Spirit Guides and others of Divinity; however we are not supposed to be co-dependent on them. In other worlds, this is about personal responsibility. The more you learn how to enhance your protection, the more Soul growth you accrue. No, you will not manifest circumstances that you will have to protect from just because you are protecting yourself. Everyone needs to face the fact that the more you evolve the bigger the target you become. How can you teach other people to evolve if you are not aware of protocols that need to be followed?

The dark energies go after a person’s mind, but they also goes after a person’s physical vehicle. Dark energies taint the psyche. People who are so naive that they do not realize that they need to establish their own protection will be the ones the dark energies will look for. It’s much like the fact that many metaphysicians don’t believe that evil exists. They don’t believe it until evil finds them, then the core of their belief system changes. Please understand that some of the information certain beings will share with their earthly contacts is tempered in order to not cause fear.

The God Books were designed to enlighten people, to awaken people and to teach people how to protect themselves and why. This is all part of evolution.

Yes, there is a need to protect while still following your heart.

Question – My second confusion is about Chem-Trails.

Again, one audience asked ………. about chemtrails, what they were and why people were making and doing them. ……….. explained that the people do chemtrails because they believe they stabilize the Ozone layer, however chemtrails don’t stabilize the Ozone layer because they need to use Gold in them. Then I was reading Emiel’s message Session 4 “Chemtrails and Genocide.” In this message, he explains very deeply what toxic chemtrails are by letting us know the toxic chemicals in chemtrails, the reasons why they do chemtrails – to size down the number of people and create such negativity on Earth which for me is a totally different opinion about Chemtrails. Emiel also kindly let us know how we can protect ourselves from those toxic chemtrails.

Just different aspect of one thing? Do some people really do believe Chemtrails can stabilize the Ozone layer with such toxic chemicals in them?

So here is my conclusion I have reached. Still not crystal clear.

All are working for the same goal, to raise the collective consciousness of Earth far above any dark mind can reach and manipulate.

To do so, because there are so many people on so many levels of consciousnesses, many channelers like ………. are sharing information and educating people he meets on general level. Things are always multilayered so when …….. was sharing his suggestions and interpretations with his audiences, it was necessary to do so. I feel ……… surely has lots of protocols to follow when he interacts with people on the Earth and he was following them at that time.

However, messages from Matthew, you Celest and David and in the God books, those are for prepared and educated people(?). Information for like special forces. Like in spy movies, core information is only open just for the right agent at the right time. Personally I doubt that I am prepared and educated for such in-depth information. I sometimes don’t understand why I can find this valuable information when no one around me doesn’t even know.

Please enlighten me with your wisdom on these if you feel it is necessary to do so. So much appreciation for you, Celest and David, MISUN in Japan

Our response, the people who fly the planes have been lied to. They have been told that they seed the clouds to produce rain etc. Even though many people connected with “project chemtrail” suspect that this is not true, they can not go public with this information because it could cost them their lives and they have their families to protect as well.

No not everyone is working towards the same goal. They are not doing what they do to raise the Collective Consciousnesses. Millions and millions of people are of the dark consciousness. These people are certainly not trying to raise the Collective. It’s like oil and water. Dark consciousness does not work towards raising the Collective Consciousness. That is not a consciousness that they even believe in. How would they believe in something that they have not experienced?

Information received and shared here on Earth is always on multilevels. You can’t teach postgraduate information to a kindergarten child. You can speak kindergarten-eese to a kindergarten person. That requires lowering the frequencies and vibration of the person giving the information in order to be able to speak on the same level and be understood. People evolve with every new kernel of knowledge they accrue if they accept the knowledge.

No, the information from us and The God Books for instance, are to be available to everyone. They are sequential steps that will assist each person to continue to evolve. That’s why in the God Books for example, God chose that there would be eight books. From the very first books through the last book, each would be a stepping stone for each person allowing them to raise their own consciousness by assimilating the information.

The “prepared” people are the ones who learn from the experiences and overcome their naiveness, which in turn IS part of education. Each person will understand what they can at any given moment. As the clarity of their understanding accelerates that in turn alters knowledge into a higher vibration known as “wisdom.” No one is expected to evolve at a certain pace, each individual is the core of their own evolutionary process. In other words, each person must be patient with themselves, they will learn when they learn.

We hear this from people all the time, “I sometimes don’t understand why I can find this valuable information when no one around me doesn’t even know.” This situation is its own conundrum. It is the people who want to know the truth, the ones who destinies are aligned with the Jesus The Christ Consciousness who will find the information in the gridline intersection they are destined to. There are people who are surrounded by other people that are not of the Collective Consciousness and if those other people have chosen to live life in a singularly practical world aspect, then they aren’t interested in knowing the truth. You can not find these people who are thirsting for true knowledge around you if they are not in the same area or share the same mindset as you do. As we told you, we hear this from people all over the world all the time. They feel very alone because they can not find their counterparts in the area where they are living. We joke around sometimes about the “front lines” being a little thin, but this is the reality. Being alone without a support group around you is very difficult.

If you have come full circle and are now reading this information then you are part of the “special forces” and you are being prepared and you are being educated.


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