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January 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Note: we have received some great questions so far and we look forward to many more. Below is a few of them that we have had time to answer so far. Please check back often for updated information. Thank you for participating. Celest and David

Question – Hello Celest and David, I’d like to start by thanking you for your dedicated commitment. Your service is greatly appreciated. I only wish that more people were open to this greater understanding – but as you’ve stated – we cannot change what we cannot change, which I have come to accept. However, my question to you is this: How is it that some people, who genuinely love their families and provide good service within their communities, also commit heinous crimes against humanity? It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Especially in light of recent allegations that have been made towards a well-respected celebrity in the entertainment world. I find this matter very much confusing, as do a lot of people. So, can you shed some light onto this subject? I’d like to know how it is that a person can be both goodhearted and nefarious all at the same time? Thanks again, Nancy

Our response – These types of people you are speaking about that love their families and provide good service within their communities, are interested in being seen within the family units as the stabilizing caretaker. And yes, they may really love their families, they may provide good service to people in their communities, but they do that because they really want to be seen as role models, as some type of outstanding figure. That does not make them lovers of humanity though. If they turn around and commit horrible acts against other people, then they are not role models. And that makes the love that they do have a type of perverted love. They are more concerned with putting out a positive image of themselves because this feeds their egos. Secretly they can be very prejudiced people and tend to look down on others, there is no love feeling in them for humanity as a whole, they have selective love. Often these are the men and women who say one thing and do another and, they are very secretive about their prejudices… for the most part.

These types of people are very prejudiced against other people they are not directly related to; but they themselves must be seen as outstanding pillars of the community. It is an ego feed.

They need a form of adulation that normally is given to them by some of the people in the families that they love the most. They don’t ever want to be seen as a bad guy, that’s for sure. Many of these types of people develop bipolar types of personalities. This celebrity you are speaking of is typical of the classic sexual pervert predator. The celebrity you are speaking of is a man, although there are female sexual predators as well. This type of predator is different from the predators that commit horrible crimes against humanity; they do so just because they can. He, just as other sexual deviates do have long histories, a solid pattern of reinforcing their hate for women while professing to love women. He sees women as not even sex objects as much as women that he can place in a totally helpless position and exerting a perverted domineering force over them. These types of men need to punish women just because they are women. He and others like him do NOT consider women to be their equal. The act of rape itself is an intentional act of the most virulent violence that can be carried out against a woman, or a man if the roles are reversed. They very nature of secretly drugging his victims prior to their rape is to enforce the fact that he has total control over them. This effectively scars the victim mentally and emotionally. This behavior causes the victims to lose their feeling of any self-worth and to experience rage over what happened and ultimately they feel powerless. It is always important to the sexual predator, especially this one, to feel that he is always in control and he can do what he wants when he wants to whoever he wants to. It is far beyond leading a double life. The true test of a human being is how they handle power.

These types of predators are chameleons and the more they rape the better they are at disguising themselves to the public. They are excellent liars, yet many people who do not know better would find themselves wanting to be around them. How sad. This man like so many others like him have an insatiable need to be seen as a good-natured family man and entertainer. Yet their psyches are so badly damaged that they actually have very volatile tempers. It is all about power and it is all about the darkness that resides within the predator. You can encounter these types of people in every walk in life yet we have to ask, “WHY do so many people idealize people in the entertainment world?” The usual predators just as this man does, can hide in plain sight in any environment, on any level of society. Sooner or later word does get around and that is when justice must come into play. Unfortunately for most victims it is later rather than sooner. In times past these types of people could literally go their entire lifetimes without public exposure aided by others who intentionally cover up their affairs. However they are now finding themselves being thrown out of the limelight. Now because of the great changes taking place more and more people will continue to be thrown out of the artificial light and exposed for what they really are. Get used to it, this is just the beginning.

A person can be both goodhearted and nefarious all at the same time; they can outwardly be goodhearted and contribute either to a charity they are involved with, or helping out at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or other volunteer work. But they always have hidden agendas. They play out a dual role.

They also can be goodhearted and nefarious at the same time because they have learned the ancient dark art of subterfuge. The reason it is so difficult for you and millions of other people like you to understand why these atrocities are committed is because you yourselves do not have that darkness within you. So you can not really relate to it. This is a good thing.

Question – I have a question, what will happen to all venomous animals on land and sea, and crocks, gators and sharks? Fredrik in Norway

Our response – All venomous animals just like all venomous people can not remain on the Earth. Many new breeds of animal life will continue making their appearance; they already started under the waters a few years ago. All animals, whether marine or bird or whatever must be in total sync with the NEW Earth. Venomous animals will either perish or simply disappear from the Earth. No, they will not be returning.

Question – Dear Celest and David, first of all, thank you for the answer in regards to eating meat. It is an issue that I have not been able to resolve between my heart and my body, having tried to become vegetarian a number of times. My question to you is: If we can change the DNA structure of the foods and water that we ingest by blessing them (sending light/grace) so that it removes the harmful chemicals, etc. from it, then is it not possible to also send light/grace to the chemtrails that are being sprayed daily all over the world, to change their DNA structure so that it is not harmful to the atmosphere and the Earth? I cannot think that being angry with this is helpful, so I am wondering, as well as picturing a pristine atmosphere, if we were to also send in light/grace. Would this not be more effective, less effective, not effective at all? I am open to any answers. Thank you! Rita in the USA

Our response – The problem is that we can not change the DNA structure. Yes it is true that much of our foodstuffs are being genetically modified and that is not food we would care to eat. However it is difficult to avoid. You can send your food all the Light/grace and blessings you want to but it does not change the DNA structure. That has to be done by a higher source. It is always good to send Light to anything that has been manipulated but it can not rearrange DNA structure of the chemtrails either. Light IS the ultimate purifier but it still can not change those structures. Unfortunately there is only so much any of us can do in that regard. The human races need to be reeducated and then working together we can change many things. We do encourage everyone to picture a pristine atmosphere, healthy environments etc. for in time that will happen. Remember the power of thought and what we think in the present Creates the future. You are correct, anger is not helpful in this situation.

Question – Dear Celest & David Thank you so much for the clarification about the electronic devices via the Summit. May I participate with one more question, but if it doesn’t concern the Earth spiritual situation right now, please skip it.. My eyes are so dry for some years now. Many around me of various ages have the same problem. I didn’t think of asking about this before because I thought it’s the result of reading more on smart phones or tablets. But lately I just had this eyesight thing sometime mentioned: my eyesight changed one day, before returning as usual the next day, then changed again next day, then came back to normal the next day. That’s all, but it made me pause. I begin to question my other eye symptoms: cannot stand the light, and now can stand even less light, to the extent that everyone is startled when they read my smartphone because its monitor is so dim. This has happened for a few years now, I have to dim all computer monitors I use, at home and at the office. However, no one has said anything like this in the Ascension Symptoms. Thank you for your explanation. Wimolrat (Thailand) Love to both of you… Pu

Our response – There are many answers to this one and we are glad someone thought to mention this. Before we get started on that, we would really like people to understand better that people are either ascending or devolving or remaining stationary in every moment. The term “ascension symptoms” has been terribly overused. It has gotten to the point that it is losing its true meaning now. Too many people make false assumptions about everything that happens to them physically. There are many practical reasons why certain anomalies happen to people. Some are related to ascension, others are the result of the changes in the environment, and in the alteration of frequencies on the planet overall. That having been said we will now address the topic you are asking about.

Eyes that are so dry: there is a tremendous lack of oxygen on the planet now. It began many years ago but has been decreasing even more month by month now and the human body reacts to this in many ways, but especially with the eyes. You can use a good quality natural eye drops to help you. Stay away from Visine, Murine and things like that. Those types of products actually inflame the capillaries in the eyes and that is not a good thing. The use of natural eye drops also assists in opening up the sinus passages. The radiation of the sun has increased tremendously; dry dew points are happening all over the planet and even on the days that are not sunny the ultraviolet rays shower down harsh amounts of damaging dry particles. We ourselves have seen areas where humidity levels have dropped down to zero. All this affects the eyes, sinuses and can cause difficulty in breathing, including dry mouth. And yes, before you ask this is slowing down the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

So that you understand, only those people who are really evolving are experiencing the sudden changes of their eyesight which at times may seem to be day to day in the manner you are describing. As part of the evolvement procedure/symptoms it is perfectly natural for the evolving person to sometimes struggle with the problems of trying to deal with the glare, the eyes ability to focus. This is when a need develops to wear some type of high quality sunglasses, usually all the time. We highly suggest polarized sun glasses. We have been dealing with this problem with the light for about twenty-five years now. We seldom go anywhere without wearing sunglasses. Yes, even in our house and especially in stores that use fluorescent lighting.

When evolving people are reacting to the continuous shifting of the frequencies and vibrations to higher levels they do so in increments. The body has to be able to adjust to that slow acceleration while entering into a different dimension, a higher dimension and the eyes react to that as well. Those dimensional frequencies are a true reality.

These are dimensional shifts that the body must attune to; that is why the body has been programmed to slowly adapt to the changing frequencies. Some people may feel those changes more prominently outside their home rather than inside the home. So yes, people can react differently.

Lest you forget, the more a person evolves the more Light cells that enter into their bodies. The more Light cells you accrue the more you develop a symbiotic relationship which occurs between the Light cells in your body to the very light cell matter that lies behind your eyes and in your brain. People who are devolving – that is a different story. If they are not evolving then the inner light cells within their bodies begin to dim. People who are neither evolving or devolving and are simply maintaining the lives the way they want to, not going up and not going down, have very little light cell changes. These people will not be aware of the changes that we are all experiencing. Walk-Ins and Starseeds, especially the ones who are the most advanced or are reaching those states, are the ones who are most prone to feel those eye problems, it is not permanent but we will all have to deal with it until after the Earth changes arrive at a climax. The atmosphere will be different then. The bodies will have accrued so much in the way of Light that the cellular bodies become PURE Light once again. At that point you will not have to be concerned about eye problems.

It seems to be after the sun sets that you will feel your eyes calming down; this does not mean you have stopped evolving. It simply means that the symptoms are much easier to deal with because you are not feeling the magnetic draw from the Sun so strongly. In that sense the magnetics have calmed down. The magnetic energies from computer monitors, cell phones and television screens can also affect the new frequencies and vibrations you are experiencing. Isn’t evolution fun!      

Comment/questions – Dear Celest and David, Thank you for all the questions and answers so far. Special thanks for Ques. #3 on Jan.11. I had a similar question on Soul and personality but this answers it [for now].

Some other questions:

  1. Are the dates recently mentioned [Jan. 13 and Aug. 12] gridline intersections where a shift is seen as happening or a target is met, similar to Dec. 21, 2012, and/or are they points of doors/gates opening or closing.

Our response – We have two answers for you. They both denote crucial times on the planet where gridline intersections crisscross between the people’s rights and their need to stand in their truth, while it seems as though all hell is breaking loose. Yes, there are doors and gates opening and closing during these times. The desires for true justice are reaching a climax because people are now learning to “Stand IN their Truth.” The provocateurs of prejudice, bias and deceit are being caught off guard now, for the people are just beginning to come together as one unified force and are no longer allowing the lines to blur any longer. They now are starting to see each other as brother and brother, sister and sister. And on one level or another the new empathy people are developing for other people who have been victimized, far outweighs the former complacency the empathy developing people once had. Yes, these dates could be considered target dates because it was essential that good people start to come together for just cause. The power of thought is now a truly pervasive energy which will bring people together, thus strengthening their resolve to Create great changes. The dark doors are being shoved closed while the doors leading to higher forms of thought and aspirations revolving around Creating good changes have been swung wide open. As with all times of great change though, there will be difficult months ahead as strident voices will continue to be raised in a rallying freedom call. This is definitely the timeline we have all been waiting for. It is most unfortunate that it had to come as the result of extreme violence.

  1. On dimensional shifting: I recall reading that Earth supported dimensional life from 1 to 9. Recently, a statement said from 2 to … Will Earth soon no longer support 2D life? Will 3D life also become non compatible in the not too distant future? I have done a lot of processing by shifting (the mind?) into an altered state which is more limited and which I consider to be 3D. Will this option remain even if 3D living is no longer compatible? Light and love, Maureen in the USA

Our response – you are correct. Earth will soon cease to support 2D or 1D life. They are totally incompatible with the fourth and fifth and higher dimensions which are entering into this planet. The difference between 1D and 2D frequencies and vibrations are so vastly different from the higher dimensions that people living in those lower dimensions can not possibly exist in the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. It is the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions which have been slowly entering here. The higher forms of dimensions cause true realities to emerge and is the catalyst for the stripping away of illusions. Anyone not attuned to these new vibrations and frequencies will perish. Neither their bodies or their minds will be able to exist in these refined dimensions. Yes, 3D life is already becoming non-compatible with the new dimensional sway. 3D will go the way of the dinosaurs just like 1D and 2D. Be proud of yourself for the knowledge that you have been accruing.



More of your questions and our answers will be posted tomorrow.