January 2015 Walk-In Summit


Jan 2015 Summit

January 2015 Walk-In Summit

January 10th through the 17th

Hosted by Celestial Blue Star and David of Arcturus

Email us at earthstar@awakenedhearts.com

Greetings to all Walk-Ins, Starseeds and to any Earthseeds that are here on our website to attend the first of many of these types of Summits in 2015. There are many topics which we feel is important to discuss as well as all the questions and comments that we will be receiving from people all over this wonderful planet. Throughout this year we should be able to touch on more topics than we can with the first Summit.

When asking a question please understand that there is no such thing as a stupid question. How can you understand something that you may have been wanting to know about if you do not ask about it? It never fails that people feel uncomfortable about asking questions. However, IF YOU DO NOT ASK HOW WILL YOU KNOW?

We have chosen to write about different subjects in this first Summit that we believe are very important to be discussed. As we said above, we will be answering questions and comments throughout this Summit. So please, check back often. Remember the Summit will cover many days and will be a permanent part of this website for others to learn from later on.

Topic #1How the fear factor is shaking the determination and the very foundation of peoples’ belief systems.

Fear is a discordant energy originating in the intellect which affects body, mind and Spirit. When you are born into this life, whether you Walked-In or were born-in your Souls do not experience fear. However Soul knows full well what fear is. Yet Soul protects itself from the fear factor because Souls are pure, they are pure Light, at least in the beginning of each incarnation.

Fear can taint a Soul IF the personality has become so blackened that there is massive loss of Light within the Soul. It also happens if the personality has fallen into the abyss where mayhem and evil live. Once the personality itself has become tainted there is a magnetic effect which takes place. There is a magnetic current which exists that pulls together other same-minded people and all forms of dankness and darkness until the darkness overwhelms the personality. It is the natural attraction of like attracts like. It never fails. This then is when Soul is relegated into a smaller type of cubical where it must stay in order not to be tainted… if possible, until such time as the personality relinquishes its obsession with mayhem and darkness.

This then is where the true Light Workers are confronted by the age old question, “what do I do now?” Many will ask themselves how can they go on when there is so much which is shaking their resolve to continue to live their beliefs in the best way possible. Their determination is part of their foundation in life. It is when the determination is shaken that the foundation alters and begins to devolve, thereby affecting body, mind and Spirit. This too is where the emotions that Light Workers have can seem to swing like a pendulum. This in turn can cause personality changes as the psyche attempts to maintain stability while being well aware of the inner conflicts taking place. On one hand Soul also is trying to maintain stability while the personality and intellect are building a core composed of not only self-gratification, but also fulfills the need to fit in to accepted perceptions of educational, societal and professional norms. Otherwise their egos feel damaged and this is when the worst types of complexes attach themselves to a person’s mind and emotions. They have this almost insatiable need, predicated upon how they were raised and the company they kept who have instilled in them how to fit in, how to fulfill their roles in the accepted status quo.

The belief system is born from both psyche and Soul. How the intellect determines which is in the intellect’s best interest or not is when the problems ensue. So if the Light Worker is experiencing personality disorders caused by fear, then belief systems can change tremendously. It can cause emotional and mental problems if not dealt with. One of the greatest threats causing instability of mind, body and Soul resulting from the fear factor is when the personality “wants what it wants when it wants it.” In other words, one example would be when personality has imposed time limits on its own expectations of when such and such should happen. These people don’t understand that they are creating an illusion. This has been one of the main problems with people accepting linear time and thinking in linear terms.

This is also how the dark energies succeed in causing many Light workers, true Light Workers, to change directions. The same darkness that can engulf a personality has its own agenda. The agenda is to use the weakest minded people for the darkness’s own deviant purposes while simultaneously trying to bring down the people who are part of the Advocacy Agreement. It also wants to bring down those who have the potential to become Advocates in a future life. You are the nemesis of the dark. You need to understand it knows who each Advocate is. And it knows what you are here to do. It also knows your strengths as well as your weaknesses. People can overcome their weaknesses by having more self-confidence in themselves and by trusting in the Universe completely. This in turn, as part of the balancing of the scales of justice causes your strengths to expand. As your strengths expand the stronger your will, your determination to succeed and your trust in yourself will become.

Why is it so difficult for so many of you to believe that in each moment of your life you are perfect, in that moment? Life is an ongoing period of growth; it is a continuous phase that does exist while you are mortal. So as you transition to and through new forms of awareness, of life overall as well as greater truths, you are simply adding to your perfection. So what if you make a mistake, who doesn’t? You learn from the experience of the mistake and that too strengthens your resolve. Any unpleasant experience ends when you no longer want the experience. It is up to you to decide when you have had enough. And then move on already!

You can not fail yourself if you at least try to succeed. Surrender when you must, but do not quit.

As long as you understand that your intent is pure you will not hurt anybody, as long as you have a passion to evolve you will not fail yourself. Many of you feel you are not doing enough. You can not see yourself through OUR eyes. You can not see yourself through God’s eyes either. That is a common factor among Light Workers; many feel as if they are not doing enough… fast enough. Although we ourselves are continuously working at the behest of The Creator and The Creation, we too sometimes wonder if we are doing enough. However, we no longer dwell upon it for more than a nanosecond, for we like you have much to accomplish. You should realize that in so many ways that even though you may not currently comprehend this, you are exceeding even your own expectations of yourselves. If you were not, you would not be joining on this Summit. This is a good thing. Self-examination is necessary, IF you are doing so for just cause. Do so in a beneficial manner and not as a means for criticizing or chastising yourself for what in the current moment of NOW you may perceive as a shortcoming.

Here are some suggestions for you to consider. Those who choose not to succumb to the darkness can distance themselves from those who do by not only understanding the fear factor, but also by arriving at a greater understanding of the reconciliation which must take place. This reconciliation is heart, mind and intent merging with your Soul Voice. As this Sacred merger takes place a continuity is born which is the integration of self with Self. This causes infusions of Light to become as “one” within each person rather than segregated from self to Self. In the most basic sense the reconciliation functions as an umbilical cord connecting self to Self. “Self” in this sense is Soul Voice.

Another manner of distancing yourself from those who succumb to the fear factor is by always practicing passionate detachment and by not allowing yourselves to become involved in other peoples’ dramas. All that is playing out in the guise of world affairs is also a drama. Some are the most malignant kind, some are not. Use discretion when reading about world events. If you know how to use your ability to look behind the scenes, please do so to see what is really going on. Unless people are practicing personal responsibility they will believe any type of illusion that is cast their way.

Topic #2The Density and Lack of Density of Thought.

There are two primary forms of “thought.” There are the Spiritual thought forms which are part of Soul speaking to the personality, also Souls from other dimensions talking to individual Souls. The Collective of Divinity speaks with Soul Voice which in turn relays these thought forms to the personality through Sacred Geometrical symbols, through metric measures of Light and through telepathy. These types of metric measurements are spacial coordinate points that align Souls with their Soul clusters making sure that the Souls and Clusters are geometrically correct and in alignment. In this sense “geometrically” means – precisely unified with chosen Sacred Geometry symbols. These units can relay to the physical thought forms important information that can be considered “time-sensitive” and can noninvasively override usual physical thoughts when it is vitally important for people to receive this information. It is relative mass; it measures quantities as either mass quantities or the amount of electric charge each person is receiving per each unit volume. In other words it can help separate illusions from true reality simply through the use of the electric charges. That is of course if the person or persons has chosen to allow the flow of information to come through.

Problems ensue if any of these people are particularly straitlaced, excessively strict in their manner of thinking. At this point this type of metric measurement can not assist a person like this because this type of person has become entrapped in a concentration of mass denseness that is strictly of the physical world, not the Spiritual. One group of people who we are speaking about are heavily into conspiracies with a desperate need to have all lies revealed, and only see things through a practical point of reference. This concentrated mass of denseness effectively blocks them from evolving because they believe in only what they can see with their practical eyes and are proud of their practical way of thinking. Their minds become like a clogged drain. By the way, when you are speaking to someone who belongs to this large unfortunate group, even if you become upset with them, PLEASE do not tell them they are a clogged drain. Somehow we don’t think that would go over well.

“Non-density” refers back to the metric measurements. Non-density is the sustenance of all life, it is Light, it is airy, it is spatial, it is of God, and it is a magnificent Creation. There is no clutter; the Highway to Heaven is not cluttered up there. Non-density is effectively keeping the channels open. The channels of communication exist through the nature of spatialness and The God Talk. This is the place where Epiphanies are born. Think about it; Epiphanies can’t be born of the practical world. They can’t be born if people only live their lives in the most practical way and refused to acknowledge that another world of thought, which is much more powerful, accurate, and non-invasive, can supersede all illusions. If these nonresponsive people do not allow it to happen, then they are not living… they are merely existing. If it helps you to understand this better, imagine a black and white picture that people are looking at. They are seeing the world from a one-dimensional perspective. If color, smell, sound and other senses are added into the picture then it becomes multidimensional. But to be able to see the multi-dimensional pictures, people have to be willing to open their eyes and use all their sentience in order to feel and experience. This is what is occurring as people are moving into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

The Collective Consciousness is amassing such tremendous amounts of metric measures of Light that you could compare it to the most colossal sized picture of a Supernova that has ever been seen.

The massive amount of the units of metric measurements are present not only to sustain all of our lives, these symbols also leave their own signature imprint of “Light begets Light.” And these forms are in continuous motion while usually sending subtle streams of pure electricity which merges with the natural electric flow which exists within every human being. You have the channels for communication to use, you have been given the information now about the metric measurements system that is in force and how this benefits all of humanity, at least those whose are eyes are wide open. Soul Clusters are always in continuous motion, just as all the Universes are. They never enter a period of stasisness. You can communicate with others of Soul Cluster groups simply by the purity and non-density of your thoughts. Be assured that they will hear you in one way or another. Whether you hear their name or not does not matter. It has long been said, “Know your enemy well.” We agree wholeheartedly with that, but we also want to add, “Know your friend well.” Remember, every member of your Soul Clusters are your friends, your allies. And the friend of your friend is your friend too. And the enemy of your friend is your enemy too.

Topic #3The Christ Consciousness reacting to Soul talk.

The Christ Consciousness should never be overlooked when referring to Soul Talk and Soul Voice. Soul Voice and Soul Talk are both individual channels, conduits, for direct communication with all forms of Divinity. But, we should never overlook the fact that both of these forms of communication are perfectly aligned with the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness and with the matrix of Jesus Himself. Although it is true that with every action there is a reaction lest you forget, for every non-action there is a reaction. We want you to know that any individual has the option to call upon any of the Divine Beings at any time. If you do not issue “the call,” then you have no one to blame for your non-action. It is usually when people have many implorations that only they seem to call upon their Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, God, the Creator or others from the Angelic and Spirit realm. How many people call upon Jesus the Christ for other reasons than to implore Him to help them? Not many! In a real way when you are calling upon the Christ Consciousness you are also calling yourself. This gives a whole new meaning to a “soliloquy.” When you allow yourself to speak from Soul Voice you are strengthening your connection with Jesus’ Soul. This is because you are one of the vessels of the Christ Consciousness; therefore you have your own Soul but you are also sharing Jesus’ Soul as well. Did you know that? The Soul of each Divine Being is so massive because there are no limitations on size. There is no beginning to them and there is no end. Each Soul carries many imprint signatures. In many ways walking in human form means you are all “walking imprints.”

Obviously those who choose to walk on the wild side carry the energy imprint of others they have aligned with who are not of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. As we have explained previously, Souls do not lie although they know what lies are. Nor do they judge anyone’s indiscretions.

We also feel people need to have a realistic understanding of what Soul Voice sounds like. Although Soul Voice does not yell, it can speak very determinedly when it feels it should. Soul Voice does issue warnings though when its foresight indicates a person can be in danger. Usually these warnings come in the form of a bad feeling, tension, a feeling of the need to exercise extreme caution and so forth. In these cases Soul Voice can override any practical world thought you may be having. It can literally override the intellect. Conversely, Soul is the greatest cheerleader you ever had. Soul Voice gives you the rah, rah, rah, go team go, feeling. It does not always explain why it is doing this; Soul Voice does not like spoiling surprises either.

The Voice of Soul is far different than your speaking voice, or your singing or laughing voice. Soul Voice has a cadence similar to a tingling, chiming sound that is usually subtle, but carries a type of musical scale within the matrix of itself. This musical scale is not found on this Earth. It is the most breathtaking harmony composed of all the harmonies of all Universes. They combined the voices of each Universe which has ever been. This harmony has been formed into a voice which is Soul Voice. Each person has this Soul Voice regardless of what planet anyone is from, regardless of what ancient civilizations anyone has been a part of in the past.

Many times Soul Voice communicates with people through tingly types of sensations because it acts like an igniter for your sentience. It is soft; it is symphonic in its incredible beauty and floats effortlessly like an activated wave. It has an ecstasy not found on this Earth, and obviously it speaks through the language of music. But this music has never been on this Earth independently of Soul. The voice carries a rhythm of not only soft chimes, but also soft bells, always going off in a melodious fashion. Soul Voice can be heard; yes, it can be understood. Many times people will hear Soul Voice in their dreams, but not know it is the Voice of Soul which is touching them and speaking to them. It is reaching out to them. This is important to know because the Christ Consciousness of course shares these non-physical features of individual Soul Voice. And yet Jesus Christ’s Soul is so extremely ancient, that His voice has a quality about it that is hard to describe. His voice simply exudes the most unconditional love, unlimited Light and beams of the most incandescent prisms which emanate from His Soul to each individual Soul who calls upon Him to align with them. He uses His Soul to connect with a person through the presence of Light, sometimes through a light feathery touch, definitely one you can feel. Regardless if your windows or doors are closed or not, you may feel as if a tiny gentle breeze comes in and either gently touches your hair or a soft gentle touch on your shoulder. He has this unique way of unifying Himself by diversifying Himself. And He does so by directly connecting with each Soul both tangibly and intangibly. He does this with each Soul that “has ever been.” Many people do not know this. They tend to segregate themselves from Him because He is Jesus. Well if He is not too good to segregate Himself from people, then why do people continue to segregate themselves from Him?

The Christ Consciousness is an accumulation of the Soul Voices of all goodhearted people of this world and continues to be so throughout each incarnation of these people. Each time they incarnate they are accruing more Spiritual fortitude, more wisdom while expanding their own Soul Voice. It has carried through each lifetime for the purpose of each person reaching a saturation point in this lifetime in order to bring further expansion of the Christ Consciousness into this world. Each person, each good person is a part of the Christ Consciousness. You are a part of the Christ Consciousness, yet simultaneously you are the Christ Consciousness. This Christ Consciousness extends without limitation so that it has the ability by using the magnification of this Consciousness to gently enfold all worlds, all Universes. This Consciousness is not limited to merely the human races. You can truly say He has the whole worlds in His hands.” All this Christ Consciousness that has been accrued on this world at this time has done so in order for the great changes to take place. If you are not totally grasping the magnitude of this event, then consider this fact: Take each Soul who has ever incarnated on this world, multiply that by the sheer numbers of times each has incarnated, then multiply that by the billions and billions of Souls who have been here time and time again. Can you see yet that the accruement throughout each lifetime by each individual Soul is a major contributing factor for Jesus, God, The Creator and the rest of Divinity to be able to expand their own Consciousnesses by the infusions they receive from your Soul Voices? These types of infusions never go away; they just keep upgrading themselves while they become even vaster forms of purified Light. This enables all Universes to receive all of this wondrous love and to always further experience the totality of never-ending growth. And in this growth the unlimited awareness of the connectivity of all Beings, All That Is always has a forward momentum regardless of how many Souls’ personalities fall along the wayside. Sooner or later even they will make the choice to change. Unfortunately many will do so later rather than sooner.

So Jesus reacts to Soul Voice by becoming ever stronger while promoting Soul maturity for Himself as He watches the experiences we each have here, especially the ones we have to contend with here. That alone encourages Him to continue to be all that He can be so you can be all that you can be. Nothing is more precious than Soul Talk.

Topic #4How to maintain your Spiritual equilibrium when you feel the world is going mad.

Even though we have very little time to answer emails we do read them all. One of the most common emails we receive are about problems Light Workers are having is how to attain and then maintain their Spiritual Equilibrium while watching organized chaos displace disorganized chaos.

First of all we wish to address the issue of how to attain your Spiritual Equilibrium. The first step is to understand what can be changed and what cannot be changed. You can not change another person’s mind. You can only change your own. This is where personal responsibility comes into play. And this is one reason why so many of us feel so alone. It is not easy to bear witness to mindless actions and reactions of so many people on this planet.

To “attain,” you must find your Spiritual center. All Spiritual centers are unique to each individual. All of you who are reading this have found your own way to attain this. Some do this through meditation, some through prayer. Some people simply close their eyes and let the world around them slip away momentarily. Others find refuge in pets, landscapes and so forth. The more they do this, the more they feel the presence of God while they are attaining their Spiritual balance. One thing that is ultra-important is to first become comfortable with yourself in every moment, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Yes, this takes practice and you need to have patience with yourself. If we told you “the Spiritual work is easy, it is the practical world issues which are hard,” would you believe us? It is true you know. Each of us has to be around the practical world and deal with the issues of everyday life; this is what can be difficult for any Light Worker to cope with. Peoples’ Spiritual balance can be thrown off course by being in the presence of people who have no Spiritual balance, nor do they want any. Then too there is a lack of empathy on the parts of so many people who pride themselves on being totally practical. Practicality is all they want. These people do not want to experience empathy because their focus is centered on their own personal world. It is very aggravating to Light Workers to be in the company of people like these and this too can cause Light Workers to be thrown off balance. Empathy is a double-edged sword; people who empathize too much can be thrown off course because they become too involved in other peoples dramas. And those who have too little empathy are unable to see in a detached manner what experience another person is dealing with. Consequently those with too little empathy find themselves struggling to understand the experience.

“Empathy in balance” is the nucleus of Spiritual Equilibrium. Attaining your balance is attainment of the core of your belief system; yet maintaining your equilibrium can require work. In other words, it is a fulltime job. The more a person evolves while in mortal form, the more their sentience expands which can Create a heightened sensitivity emotionally, Spiritually and physically. For this reason the more your sentience evolves the less content you may be with what other people are saying and the less even-tempered you may be as a result. Also the less tolerant you may find yourself to be when in the company of non-likeminded Souls. What we don’t like to see is people starting to feel guilty when they experience these emotions. These emotions are a natural reaction to unnatural acts. If Light Workers can accept the fact that these types of people indulge in these unnatural acts and will continue to do so until they too experience the great change, then it will be easier for Light Workers to cope with these experiences when they take place. Yes, we know that in a perfect world none of this would be happening. However, this is Earth, remember?

Sometimes you need to draw a line in the sand metaphorically and KNOW when it is time to sever ties with other people. We have drawn our lines in the sand with no regrets. We learned long ago when to walk away.

Compassion is an offshoot of empathy. A person can feel compassion for people whose lives are devoid of any Spirituality, but please understand that not under any circumstances should anyone become fixated on individuals who have this lack. Everyone is gifted with free expression, what anyone does with it is a determining point; a type of arc measuring a person’s Soul growth and Soul maturity. It all reverts back to understanding and accepting that there are things you can change and things you cannot.

We have noticed that some people are clutching their Spiritual centers so tightly that these people become unrealistic and very foolhardy. Many of these people decide to go out and preach to others and try telling them what they should do and what they shouldn’t do. They then proceed to give people information they are not asking for. In these instances they are breaking the rule of, “you cannot interfere in another person’s life.” These people who are doing what they shouldn’t do are becoming a contradiction of their own beliefs. They are not walking their talk; they are becoming radical in their manner of thinking, thereby throwing Spiritual Equilibrium off course.

Maintaining your Spiritual center should become a passion of yours. Not now or any time in the future is it in your best interests to let your guard down. One of the reasons is because of the current times we are living in. You are living your lifetime in the most trying of times while simultaneously the best of times. The challenges are great on both personal and Universal levels. We encourage each of you to find the one single thought, or an image, a quote, a word, anything that you feel comfortable with that you can designate as “my balancing agent.” This way when you start to feel upset, disgusted, alone, overwhelmed, angry or any other emotions that are off balance, remember your balancing agent and focus your mind on that. It will help to further instill and solidify the maintaining of the power of the energetic mass of whatever thought or vision you are holding. By doing this simple exercise you will “NOW have what you need to complement your maintenance of your Spiritual Center.” You can do this is an instant or whenever you feel the need to. The more you evolve the more often you will find you will want to change your image or thought. This is a natural progression of personal evolution. Your favorite quote could be, “I am in the Eye of the Storm, I am in the Eye of the Storm.”

If you learn to expect the unexpected all of the time, very seldom will you find yourself surprised and caught off guard.

All of us need to hold on tightly to each other, this is one of the primary reasons we have started these Summits. As we connect with each other all of us will be able to share our thoughts, ask questions, and we encourage each of you to think about what else you want to know about. We ask you to remember we are all related.

Salude… Celestial and David

Additional Information

Celest and David – Here is a message we received for ourselves and because it pertains to each of you who are Advocates, particularly those of you who are trying to work with others, we believe it prudent to share this with you. This message God gave to us is what he wants us to do, when He refers to the adult children He is referring to all the Advocates. Please remember that.

God speaking to Celest and David – “Put together a special teaching, emphasize to the children who are now adult children that they must retrain their thoughts, they must regroup. They must learn the power of thought that makes manifest all miracles and wonders to be seen. They must learn to do this now, for there is a great need. And before August 12th of 2015 you will all see why. Teach them, teach these children well and please do not hesitate to call it as it is. This is far more important than you all know. Just know that all the Masters and all the Luminescents (Gods and Goddesses) of all Universes will work with both of you Celest and David.”

Celest and David – This is part one of the special teachings which are the Summits. Part two is a project He has assigned to us that is going to take a while for us to put it all together. We will keep you updated when we have more information ready to share with you. Right now… we have our hands full.

For those of you who do not know what “The Advocates” are that we are all speaking about we refer you to Book 6 of “The God Book Series” “Advocates for Justice.” Information about this book can be found at



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