(One couple’s impressions and testimonial to the very first “Walk-In and Starseed Summit” held in Septemeber of 2012. Everyone has a story, theirs is unique.)

My husband and I attended “The 2012 Walk-In and Starseed Summit.” The following is my transcript of my feelings and impressions of that event.

Synchronicities have always been part of our lives and only until our participation at the Starseed-Walk-ins Summit, did we truly believe that there are no coincidences!! Both of us were actually refugees, as a result of the well-known Vietnam War. How could there be anything good that came out of that horrible battle? We both found ourselves only living a short block from each other in the U.S during 1995. We were coming from two different countries that didn’t get along well! When I was 8 years old I always asked myself, “Why am I here? There’s got to be something bigger than this.” If only God would answer!

In 1979, my family and I walked over 100 miles through the killings fields of Cambodia where over two million people died. It was the worst genocide in human  history. My father’s courage, bravery, and sacrifice kept us all safe and alive. However, it was when we were lost that an invisible angel guided my brother to lead us on the right path to Thailand-which ultimately freed us. Without that guidance we would not have made it, and we were thankful to be refugees even if there was very little food to eat.

We were all sponsored to the U.S by a catholic church two years later. Many kind and loving sponsors came to help our struggling family. One loving sponsor treated me like I was her own daughter and she was my godmother. She was such a great soul whose love for me inspired me to be better. She gave me the spirit of Christmas and the understanding of kindness. We learned very early on what love and kindness was all about. About the same time, my husband and his family fled war torn Vietnam by boat for 4 days in rough seas where thousands died. He recalled being on the boat just staring at the big, endless ocean asking, “God, where are we going?” He felt as if he was on this grand journey and he remembered thinking that his life had just begun.

Once they reached Malaysia they were all sent into the green, dangerous jungles of Malaysia to die. Luckily, the United Nations found them and brought them to a refugee camp where they stayed for a year living with very little food. Because of his father’s wisdom, bravery and sacrifice they all survived a very harsh journey. Through the grace of God they were guided and sponsored to the U.S by a congregational church! All thanks to a special lady who singlehandedly spearheaded the effort to bring them over when no one wanted any part of it. He thought they were in Heaven when they arrived in the U.S! He recalled asking one of his sponsors what he could do to repay them for all they’d done. His sponsor was very surprised and because he was so persistent his sponsor said, “When others need your help you should help them!” Another great sponsor who was just like Santa Clause to his family was always so kind, loving and so humble and sweet! We really felt like we were living in Heaven on earth, thanks to so many of these very kind and loving people. Meeting Celest reminded my husband of the special lady sponsor! Everyone thought that lady back then was crazy! But I say CRAZY GOOD!

We found each other thru his little sister who was a friend of mine in high school. It turned out we only lived a block apart. Both of our fathers specifically told us not to marry into each other’s nationality. Apparently we were enemies, but we didn’t think so. We showed everyone the way and were married despite a hurricane the day before!! It was a beautiful wedding with no traces of the hurricane. The two cultures respected one another well now and harmony prevailed! Our families are very supportive and united in so many ways. What amazing blessings and journeys our lives have been.

Our true journey to our God-self started when I was first contacted by my angels in 2002. We know they wanted to get us ready for what is to come. In 2004, my mother and my Godmother passed away, they had been sick for awhile. If it wasn’t for my contact with my angels and my husband’s willingness to follow, we both would have had a very difficult time dealing with our loss. Instead, we were the light for everyone involved and thankfully, were guided by our angels to light the way!

In 2006, we attended a Doreen Virtue conference in Laguna Beach, CA to connect with our angels. There, we had an intuition that we would see our brother-in-law. Well that’s exactly what happened. We had no idea he had his business conference in the same hotel we had our spiritual conference. We see each other almost every day and he never mentioned anything about it, somehow we met each other at the same place across the country.  God is funny!! My husband also had asked God to help him bring peace to his heart with his father and little sister. After the conference, we were both walking a trail behind our house and he noticed a piece of paper. He picked it up and it had his little sister’s name on it. This gave him the confirmation to talk with her and bring the peace he wanted! That summer at a vacation house, he and his father were outside looking at the beautiful stars while talking about life etc. They both shared an incredible bonding experience without any ego involved. At the angel conference, he was told that he will have the peace with his father by talking to him not face to face, but sitting side by side. That’s what happened that night!! Talk about synchronicity…this is where we really started to take notice; there were just too many synchronicities that occurred. Our spiritual journey had begun! In 2008 our awaking occurred. We gained our awareness by losing everything material such as stocks, house, and money.

My husband said he always had an intuition that he would be very successful and then he would lose everything, but always felt that everything would be ok. Our biggest loss was his father who passed away, and also their Santa Clause sponsor passed too. Such two great souls leaving that year were extremely difficult for the family! He had prayed for his father’s wellbeing and was willing to give up all his money for that. Well he did lose all his money, but it was a great blessing to know we were not alone and guided in such tough times! He did get a chance to have several great conversations with his father before his father went home to God. His father did tell him that he was proud of him and all his other children. He had always thought his father couldn’t change, but the wisdom of his father had shown itself and all of us were blessed to see his awesome transformation. His father was amazed that each one of us found a way to stay with him 24/7 throughout the long ordeal. We were all there with him when he left earth to be with God. He had enjoyed the peace and the connection with his father since that night at the vacation house and was so thankful for all that his father had done. He wanted to live his life moving forward in honor of his father who had truly provided him with much wisdom. Oddly enough, most of what his father would say years before he would stubbornly disagree with when he was younger, but he had fully embraced that wisdom now.

There have been so many difficult times and heartaches along the way. But his father always said to his children “that together they can move mountains, the Dragon is only strong because there’s a head, body and tail.” What this means is that the oldest is just as important as the youngest; everyone must be treated equally and by doing so anything is possible. We realized how much abundance we had and it’s our families who were there to support us and help us in our time of need. We are all together in this great journey and we are all one!

Since 2008, God has helped us in every way to cleanse ourselves of 3D negative energy and help us get to 4D. However, in June 2012, we had a severe “FEAR” attack which almost paralyzed us. But our God-self would not allow it and we embraced our light even more firmly. Looking back when my mother passed in 2004, it was the angels who guided us. It so happens that we were taught at the angel conference that the #4 means angels are with us. We are thankful that we came across “The Mathew Books” by Suzanne Ward, which led us to Celest and David. Our journey to the Starseed/Walk in Summit in Pagosa Springs, CO had the following synchronicities listed below. We had doubts going to the Summit but we had a greater faith that God was guiding us to go!

1. The first flight we looked at had a plane ticket time arriving back home at 4:44 p.m. We took it as a sign from our angels that we should attend the Summit, but we were still unsure.

2. We decided to go ahead and book the plane tickets and the Summit tickets. Little did we know that we were going to get a phone call from Celest. My Yahoo e-mail account did not work and Celest needed to e-mail us our receipt. She called my husband’s phone and he got a chance to talk to her. He said that Celest sounds like a very nice lady; this gave us a bit of relief. We had never met Celest or David and the only picture of them that we saw was from the cover of their book “Beyond the Journey, Life in the Hereafters,” on their website. Let me tell you, my first impression was, “look at that white hair!” and “who are these people?” Seriously, they look like the “voo-voos” that we were all talking about later at the Summit, but in a good way. I was giggling at their picture and showed them to him; he just smiled, probably thinking the same thing I was. We were both saying that this is going to be interesting but we did so with the biggest uncertain smiles on our faces.

3. When we first arrived at the hotel in Pagosa Springs Inn around 1 a.m., we were expecting a lot of cars in the parking lot. We counted about 6 to 7 cars and that was it. We were thinking, where was everybody? Maybe they’re at another hotel or maybe they’ll show up in the morning. At the parking lot at the Summit, we didn’t see anybody. We were saying, “Is it going to be you and me with the speakers? Well, at least it’s going to be one on one and all of our questions are going to be answered.” In the lobby of Quality Inn, we met the first three attendees. We started introducing ourselves to each other and found out that we have a lot in common. At that point, we became very close and bonded right away. We were all surprised that only a handful of people showed up. Actually, my husband did not know how many people were there but he jokingly told everyone that we were like the 12 disciples. As it turned out there were actually 12 of us! I purchased (Speaker)Ron Radhof’s book and promised to read it. In his book, he said that he was advised by Lord Sananda that a group setting of 12 was the best number to work together in a group environment.

4. When we went to the Summit room area to register, the first person I saw that caught my attention was Attendee #4 with a name tag on was Raphael. I knew my husband would be interested in this because he is very close to Archangel Raphael. He had been reading this book called “The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael,” by Doreen Virtue, before coming to the Summit. Little did I know, he was praying for Archangel Raphael to give him a sign, perhaps even seeing his name somewhere. The book he was reading had many people recounting that they saw Raphael’s name on trucks, signs etc. He had a painting of Archangel Raphael from a Spiritual lady who said that Raphael was his angel. When one of our friends was very ill and the doctors didn’t have any idea what the problem was, we felt compelled to let them borrow the painting; afterward he was healed!

5. On Friday, the first day, my husband had on a Burgundy T-Shirt one that said Orlando on it. We were already seated and waiting for the Summit to start. There was an empty seat next to him on his left. All of a sudden, a lady(Attendee #5)came and sat next to him. She pointed to his T-Shirt and said that was her name. My husband said that something just kept telling him to bring that T-shirt and it was the only one he brought with him.

6. I had asked Attendee #1 to write down her contact information in my little notebook. The next day I was looking at her information and I noticed her last name was the same as how my husband pronounced his name.

7. Our connection with Attendee #2 was that his name reminded us of St. Francis of Assisi prayer which has a special meaning and memory with me and my mom. I remembered about a month before my mom passed away, she was lying on her bed too sick and weak to move. I went in her bedroom and she appeared to me to be sound asleep. While I stood, my heart ached with so much sadness for her and for myself. I noticed on her wall a picture of St. Francis along with his prayer. I went to the picture and started to read his prayer just loud enough for me to hear.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

to be consoled as to console;

to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”

When I finished, I heard, “Amen!” I was startled. I turned around to mom and she had a smile on her face for me. I walked to her and took a hold of her hand trying to hold back my tears and said, “Yep mom, Amen!” The tears flew down my cheeks. A week before the Summit, we bought a CD by “Cecelia.” It had St. Francis prayer in it. We didn’t know that and it got us to reconnect with that prayer again. Interestingly the first three attendees all live in San Francisco which was named after St. Francis. Attendee #3 name is so close to “Assisi.” And attendee #2 name is very close to San Francisco. Interestingly enough these 3 people were the first ones we connected with and they were the last ones we saw before we left Durango airport!

8. We found out that Attendee #3 is a flight attendant. Our connection with her is that she used to work as a flight attendant for Pan-Am. We told her that Pan-Am was the Airline that flew both of us and our families to the U.S back in 1981. She said that she remembered working at the time and remembering Pan-Am flying a lot of refugee families over to the U.S. and she was among the flight attendant who was working and helping out at that time. My husband’s family was flown from Malaysia to San Francisco which is one of the Pan Am route. He recalls a very nice flight attendant kept giving him coke and food. It was the first time he had coke. Her daughter’s name has the same name as my niece. She told us she used to run a lot especially in marathons. We told her we run a lot also and that we are planning to run in a marathon this coming November. What a great soul she is and on our last night we had a great heart to heart talk about our lives; it was truly a divine experience! I felt like we were attached at the hip!

9. (Attendee #6) looks like, talks like and has the personality much like our good friend. Before we came to the Summit we found out she was very ill and we had been praying for her. God must have wanted us to know that everything would be fine. We spoke to her when we got home and she said that everything went well and she will recover! She is such a kind and compassionate person and we are so happy to hear her recovery!

10. (Speaker) Norma looks in every way and has a very similar personality to another good friend. She is such a kind and compassionate person. Our friend was one of the key figures to our business success nearly a decade ago. We have not stayed in touch much, but when we got back from the Summit, she had e-mailed us and asked us to get together and have lunch! It’s been a very long time. Another confirmation that we need to reconnect with her to express our gratitude!!

11. My husband’s connection to (Speaker) Mark was pretty obvious because they both came from the business world and they had egos. They both walked away from their business. They both experienced the dark that comes with dealings in the business world. So it was a surprised that Mark came and asked him if he wanted to go have lunch. So we all went and had a great time. I have a very large crystal collection and before we came to the Summit, we had a box that had been sitting in our garage for 9 years. He said something kept telling him to bring it inside and open it. We were so very pleased to see so many wonderful quartz crystals. It’s like our energy have been recharged seeing all of them. Naturally when Mark spoke about Abiquor (Institute of Light) a crystal city, we all signed up.

12. On the last day everyone got a chance to say what their experience had been and what they would take away from the Summit. Everyone had profound words and wisdom to share. When it was my turn, I had to muster up the courage to speak. It was so difficult, but yet I felt that we are a family and in that respect it was very comforting to do so. After I spoke from my heart, God acknowledged it by turning the audio system so loud. Recognizing the cue, David stood up and started singing “We are fam-ily, all my brothers, sisters and me” and we all joined in. It was just awesome. It just so happens that that song was the theme song of our wedding! Then Attendee #3 was next to speak and she couldn’t say a word, only utter a cry and tears and we could all feel the whole room was filled with tremendous love and gratitude. Amazing how no words could touch us so deeply!

13. The first day Celest said that “God said that this Summit was the most important thing since creation itself.” We were choking and speechless. We must say that we both love Christmas so much because of what it stands for, kindness, love, gratitude, giving, receiving, light, forgiveness, family, and so much more. We are filled with so much great memories that we would go all out to create those memories with our love ones! It so happens that Celest and David love Christmas and celebrate it every day. They would always say, “Merry Christmas” to everyone. Celest and David are so pure, radiating love with abundance. We were so honored to be with them as well as everyone else at the Summit. Our souls connected like we are all a family. We are reminded that each day is like Christmas, and we think about them all often and send our love to them!

14. When we arrived at the airport rental car parking lot to return our rental, we were supposed to park in #7 spot, but it was taken. So we parked in the #8 spot right next to it since every spot had been taken. At that moment when he turned the engine off, a little bird from nowhere flew over and perched itself right on the pole holding the #8 in front of us. It stared at us and there were no other birds to be seen, mind you this was 4 a.m. in the airport parking lot. We sent love and kindness to the bird and even tried to “Mind Talk,” much like what Ron had told us he did with a fox, deer, and butterfly. There were so many light posts and # poles to perch on, why did it pick #8 in front of us? We got out to get our luggage from the trunk, we noticed a small orange orb light flying around a light post near us. Then it disappeared into the lamp light head. We proceeded to walk to the building, but I turned around to look at that light post and all of a sudden the light went out on that post. Every single one of the lamp posts there stayed lit except for that one.

15. When we got inside the airport, he checked his e-mail and was informed that our flight was delayed. Instead of departing at 6 a.m. it would be departing at 9:15 a.m. So we were hanging out at Durango airport for 5 hours. At least we got to say goodbye again to our angel brother and sisters(first three attendees). Due to the delay, we had to rebook our flight and it changed everything for us. While waiting for our flight in Denver, it was an hour delayed. We saw a lady missed her flight and she was yelling and screaming and throwing a tantrum at everybody. It didn’t do her any good. We learned that on our flight from Denver to Chicago, we would be sitting separately and the flight was booked. He told me no matter what, don’t let them take our carryon and stow it under the plane, because our connection from Chicago to home was only 30 minutes. There is no way we could make the connection if we had to wait for our carryon. I boarded the plane first and I was lucky to find a spot in the center of the plane to stow my carryon. I had to go to the end of the plane to wait for everyone to settle in their seats before I could get to my seat towards the front of the plane in row #9. I waited and waited for him to show up because all the carryon stow compartment are filling up fast. All of a sudden, the flight attendant started closing all of the stow compartments and then I saw him at the doorway. I thought, “Oh Crap!” “Where is he going to stow his carryon?”

When he came to the center of the aisle, he looked at me and l looked at him. I guess he was thinking, “Where am I going to put this carryon?” I didn’t say anything but just observed. I knew he was going to pull something off. He started to open different compartments and trying to figure out what to do. There were about 8 to 10 people behind him waiting to be seated. He saw a book bag and kindly asked the lady if she would mind putting the book bag under the seat and let him use the space. She snapped at him and said no, that she has some porcelain in there. He told me later that he was asking God to find a spot for his carryon because there was no way he was going to let them take it. All of a sudden a lady from behind said that she could move her daughter’s book bag and he could have her space. With a little bit of pushing and nudging he managed to fit his carryon into the compartment where my carryon was. His mind was too busy with all the commotion to notice that. He told me that before he boarded the plane, the lady who was working the tickets was being so friendly but so slow that many of the people behind him were angry and talking loudly. He said, he just sent love and kindness to them even though he knew he would have a difficult time finding space for his carryon, but he trusted God. When he proceeded in, he noticed a lady with a child and an empty seat and felt bad for the person who would sit there. I later found out he had to sit in between a lady who kept jabbing him with her elbow on his left side and on his right side was that mother with her toddler.

The toddler was kicking at him and screaming the whole time for 3 hours. The only toddler in the entire plane was meant for him!! He kept on reading the God book #2 and kept sending love and light to the people he was sitting next to. When the plane landed, I went out first to find out where our gate was going to be for our connection home. He was lucky to have a gentleman grab both of our carryon for him and noticed that both carryon were in the same compartment. He had to pass it over several people’s heads, but was so kind enough to do so! Once he was out of the plane, we were both running to the gate. I had my purse around my neck, backpack on my back, two boarding passes in my left hand and my carryon in my right hand. We were both flying thru the terminal trying to make our connection on time. We arrived just in time for passengers to start boarding. Once we got settled on the plane it started to thunderstorm and lightning outside. The pilot announced that we could not go anywhere until the lightning ceased. The flight was delayed for 45 minutes. We really felt it was a pilgrimage both ways. It was supposed to only take 12 hours, but it ended up to be about 19 hours with a lot of inconveniences. He said that when he found out that our flight was delayed, he just had an intuition that we would get home by 10pm and that’s what happened! We were so exhausted that it took almost a week for us to recover. We were proud of ourselves for being patient, kind and loving in the process. There were many times he was telling God what else God got for us and smiling at God’s sense of humor! Celest did warn all of us at the Summit that we would have more “inconveniences.” For some of us, it would start within 48 hours and for some within the next two 2 weeks after the Summit. Wow God, you sure did bring it!!!

16. I forgot to mention that when Celest asked us on Saturday to write down questions and suggestions, I did have several questions that I wrote down in my little notebook on Sunday morning. One of the questions was for God. Since it was the last day, I wanted to know if God had any message for us before we all left. I never turned any of my questions in to Celest or David, I just held on to them. My question to God was, “Does God have any message or anything to say to us that would be for the highest good for all those involved before we leave here today?” Little did I know that he was going to answer my question. At the book signing, David and Celest were signing my books. David suddenly told me that in one of my books, he wrote down a message from God for me. The message was, “Never stop believing that you are more in every moment than you can possibly imagine while incarnate.” Signed God, by David of Arcturus. This message is for everyone.

17. Everything just happens the way it should have happened. We noticed and paid attention because we are connected. Everyone should know that we are all one on this planet as well as the universe itself! Remember to be “in the moment and live the moment” because there is only NOW! One very important connection that we realized was that my name means, “Light” and my husband’s name means “The Way To GOD.” So together we are “Light the Way to GOD.” How cool is that!! GOD YOU ARE AMAZING!!! All our lives we have helped our families and many others because we are guided to do so. The ripple effects we have made and have received as well help ourselves so much as well! We have anchored our light, our beacon of light is shining and ready for distress ships in need of our help. We pray for everyone to embrace their light. We want them to know they are God and God is within them. We ask everyone to be kind and loving, fill their hearts with joy, laughter, and gratitude. We love you God! This means we love OURSELVES!!

Some other connections we forgot to mention, that (Speaker) Ninneen had a son that lived near us. Attendee#7 is so awesome because she has a great relationship with her son attendee#8 who is only 21 years old. Finally, attendee #9 and attendee #10 reminds us of our younger selves. Which leaves us with Thor and it was an honor to be in his presence at that PRESENT moment. So I saw the past, present and future. After writing the Synchronicities and having sent it out to Celest and David, we listened to a pre-recorded radio show Celest and David did with Mr. Peter Tongue. And in it he asked them about Synchronicities and she explained it so beautifully. We had no idea why we were nudged to write the Synchronicities, but we went ahead and did it because it was just too compelling. I had itches, head pressure, high energy vibration floating all around me, it was like my soul just kept urging me to write something. Celest and David, said, “once you embrace and recognize it, more and more Synchronicities arrive.” We went shopping right afterward and saw a sign that has many #7s and the word “ME” on it. That’s GOD’s #!! God and our angels are always with us!!

Starlight and Imun

*****From Celest and David. Please note: We told this couple and the rest of the attendees that there will be many, many cities of Light Created all over this planet. Some will appear as the rudimentary forms of themselves awaiting the people here to assist in their further Creation, many of these cities will appear all at the same moment. It is not time yet for this to happen but that time is not far off. Also, their daughter, StarKat, will be writing a column, we are giving StarKat her own section, on a fairly regular basis on our website. It will be for all Star Children.