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August 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Updated 8-2-2015

Note: we have received great questions so far and we look forward to many more. Below are a few of them that we have answered. We will be updating the Questions and Answers sections on a daily basis until the conclusion of the Summit. So please check back daily.

Thank you for participating. Celest and David

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At the conclusion of the Summit any questions we have not had time to answer will be addressed during the next Summit.


Question – Dear Celest and David…Hello again. And thank you for your detailed response to my question in the last online summit. It was very helpful for me to hear.  My next question is more of a personal nature, but I think that your response to it might help others who have had a similar type of experience. I would like to know if there is such a thing as a human parasite? If so, are they just a different form of predator? For I once felt a type of parasitic energy coming from a family member who passed away a few years ago. This feeling was so uncomfortable to me, that I would avoid her as best I could. I’d then feel badly about myself for doing so. But now that she is gone, I can only remember her endearing qualities. Therefore, I do not understand why it was that I had felt the need to distance myself from this person in the way that I had done. Can you please explain? Thanks again for your support, Nancy – USA

Our Response – Good question. Yes, there are such things as human parasites. They live within the body and are usually a result of decaying food. Many illegal drugs contain parasites even though people refuse to believe it. Animals or land itself that has parasitic organisms either growing in them or being carried by them can in many cases be passed onto human beings. Then there are the other types of parasites: these are the ones you think of as predators because they feed off the energy of other people, land etc. much the way a tick feeds off an animal. These are energy predators. People who have an ability to sense predator energy in other people are unknowingly picking up on the parasitic predator energy. That is why many people find themselves distancing themselves from a person or persons who carry that energy. It does not mean that the person who is the “host” that is carrying the predator energy which is parasitic, has any idea that their physical bodies are the host. More often than not they do not know.

We also refer you to a Blue Star Transmission in one of His books, the transmission is titled “Scanners Among You.” He explains how certain people who are scanners intentionally scan other people and feed off the other peoples’ energies. You did the right thing by avoiding her even if you didn’t know the reason why. This happens to more people than you think. We have explained in the past how certain chakras in a persons’ chakra system will temporarily shrink its size to a smaller size as a form of self-defense against the invasive entities. Some people find themselves folding their arms across their chest unknowingly protecting their Heart Chakra, or crossing one leg over another which helps protect the solar plexus etc. The human body really is quite remarkable once you think about it. It works in harmony with the Soul, the Spirit and the intellect and when instincts are functionally correct the chakras will protect you quite admirably.


Question – What are parallel worlds and how do they work? Fredrik – Norway

Our response – Parallel worlds are not about the mathematical distances between worlds. There are many worlds that share a sympathetic symbiotic synchronized energy movement based upon the principality of right thought breeds right action. Whew, that was a mouthful.

In a way you can think of them as same but different worlds. Yet in fact they not only can co-exist with pure lucidity in their telepathic communications with other worlds that are like them, they can also birth new worlds through the process of sharing their Creative ability in honor of the Creation Processing. Yes, there is a parallel Earth. Scary thought is it not? This is where many people who are now leaving this planet and those who had started leaving this planet about 50 years ago, will find themselves through the reincarnational process. This is where they will be sent because… they just don’t get it! In other words, they are not allowed to return to this planet. Until such time as they “Get it” and “Get it right,” this is where they will live. And this parallel Earth has even denser dimensional overlap than the third dimension did here. Believe us when we tell you that you DO NOT want to go there! Although there is no such thing as hell, that parallel Earth is as close to the meaning of hell as anyone could imagine.

Although we are trying to keep this as simple as possible, there is a different type of parallel Earth which exists many, many thousands of miles from this Earth Star planet. This particular planet is a training spot where many Souls are sent who have not been too tainted from a recent incarnation. Although it is not a happy place either, it is there that these types of Souls are provided with unlimited opportunities to overcome the last of the weaknesses they are trying to triumph over. After this they are sent to other worlds for a certain period of “time” until it has been observed that these Souls have learned their lessons. Unlimited support is supplied to them as they struggle to regain their Spiritual equanimity. Usually Luminescents from every Universe spend quality periods overseeing and working with these Souls. There is no limit to how long their stay on that world would be. It is completely dependent upon each person’s learning process and readiness to once again join the ranks of Souls in Developmental Process.

We do want to mention that there is a place, it is in a REALM known as “The valley of the Screaming Souls.” This is where individuals such as Hitler were sent. The punishments they have given themselves in this realm for all the heinous acts they committed on planet Earth most definitely fit their crimes. This valley is not one of our favorite topics so we will sign off on this one now. This has nothing to do with the “Astral Belt.”


Question – Always an honor to take part in this great opportunity to converse with you both and others. Question, why are people being abducted by ET’s and made to go through painful experiences against their will? Who are these ET’s?

Who or what are the men in black?  The shows I have seen the people say that they don’t look human up close. Lana – USA

Our response – Over the centuries there have been stories of alien abductions for the purpose of experimentation. Long ago when the Greys were flourishing as a race, they did abduct many human beings to study the physiology and the brain waves in order to better understand the species of humans. It was because in those days the Greys had a single-minded purpose. This was because their brain centers formed what you would think of as a beehive mentality. They wanted to take over the planet. That was when ferocious battles commenced between our Star Keeper forces and the forces of the Star Keeper Grays. Literally millions of Greys perished and many, many, many of our own Star Keeper forces perished from these battles. However, since then the Greys have lost so many of their race and were not producing the progeny they once did, that today there are not many Greys left. It is a dying civilization. However, ironically many of the Greys who survived those times have transformed and have become much wiser, more gentle beings with no intent to cause harm. Their insatiable curiosity has been getting them in trouble for about 75 years now. Because instead of being abductors and causing wars they just want to observe the progressive races here on Earth. So it is not exactly uncommon for people in different areas of the world to catch a glimpse of a Grey watching them. These types of people do not experience fear when this happens. These Greys are not trying to harm them. Also remember that not everyone who says they have been abducted really has been.

As far as Men in Black are concerned, there are Men in Black within the shadow governments of the world. No they are not all human. Many of them can date back their lineage to the earliest of the Illuminati and still carry the Illuminati mindset. Many people who encounter these MIBs will tell you when they look into the MIBs eyes they are empty, there is no one home. The shadow governments pull the strings of the world and consider the MIB to be their greatest ally where at one time they once considered the Greys to be. Sometimes certain secret organizations try to pawn themselves off as being MIBs. In those cases it is to further instill fear. Skinheads could be considered human MIBs because they share the same mind thought as the real MIBs. It is all a matter of their perspective.


Question – Hi Celest and David. Hope you are both doing well. My question, if you can answer, why did my close siblings have to transition one after another, and why was I left here? Love you both, Carla – USA

Our response – Part of your close siblings Soul Contract provided a time element of when they were going to transition. They were here for as long as they needed to be and then they wanted to return home. You are here because your job isn’t over yet. No one is ever left behind. But the lack of that camaraderie and the lack of being in touch with each other in the physical sense is what causes the illusion of “loss.” They went on to a better place in a better time. They did not abandon you; it simply isn’t your transitory period yet. So relax about this… ok?


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