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August 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Thank you for participating. Celest and David

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 Question – Dear Celest and David,

Does either doing the Push and/or praying ”May the Blue Light awaken many and Grace erase karma and replace it with Love” affect the energy residues of a person or persons? Especially, the residues that taint the personality?

Thank you all. Katherine – USA

Our response – Performing the PUSH and saying this particular prayer would shower light into energy residues which would over time alter the molecular structure which each particle of the energy residue has. However, it still remains the duty of the person or persons who have the discordant energy residue to alter their mind-thoughts and actions which created the residue in the first place. This is how the past can be changed. As far as the residues which taint the personality are concerned, if the personality is controlling how the mind thinks and refuses to see beyond the “The I want it and I want it now” train of thought which plagues so many people, then the residues will only darken rather than lighten. The good news is that in great measure thanks to organized chaos’s swirling motion, the personalities of many people are being given some “shock therapy.”

This actually is causing many people to rethink their previous beliefs. And it really is quite a shock to them. When they have to face or be confronted by or with the nature of what they have caused to happen, many of them are pausing their thoughts just long enough for Soul Voice to conduct an immediate foray into the matrix of the personality. In this manner Voice immediately connects with particles of the residues of energy which lay within the memory of the personality. Here then is where and when a cleansing can take place. Then too the reincarnational theme is a great asset for altering karmic misdoings IF the Souls can continue to fight valiantly with the intent to intentionally either lighten the residues or obliterate them. This is one primary reason for the PUSH to be performed. So, yes, all that you asked about is taking place. Please see the connectivity between PUSH, the Blue Light mantra and reincarnation. Remember, the human form everyone is wearing makes them accountable for their actions. Kudos to you for combing PUSH and mantra and BEING a difference!


Question – Dear Celest and David: Thank you for answering our questions and for holding this summit which helps us increase our awareness of each other and All That IS.  An answer has raised another question. How can we heal and repair the damage resulting from viewing acts of depraved indifference such as burning a person alive, killing by cops and the killing in video games? It is better not to see these but many already have.

Light & love, Maureen – USA

Our response – Oh we wish no one would have to see or become personally involved in these types of atrocities. However, this brings us back to what God and the rest of Divinity have said time and time again, “If you don’t know what evil is then how do you know what good is?” Everyone needs to be aware that evil things happen yes, but do not immerse yourselves in watching videos, you tubes or whatever the case may be which depict horrible depravities. Empathically people can begin to carry that remnant of violence with them. This can cause physical and emotional pains. If however you do for whatever reason run across something or hear something being described to you that is of a violent nature or hateful thoughts, then clear your mind of all that and focus on the color “GOLD.” In no time you should be able to feel that energetic power work with the clearing of mind and body and healing the experience you have had. Especially after any horrendous experience it is very helpful to your Chakra system and your body overall, to soak in a Sea Salt bath. We know it is inevitable that we all have to witness these types of things whether they are being passed on by the news, or through word of mouth. That does not mean that anyone should carry the hurt and violence with them. You do not need to be burdened by those invasive actions. This is all a part of accepting what you can change and understanding what you can not change. Accepting the fact that there are things you can change and things you can not, is a mark of Soul maturity.


Question – Those two stories of Mel and David’s experiences are good learning lessons. Since you are telling the stories of fighting negative and dark entities or energies, would it benefit everyone out there to know more about cats and what their abilities are when it comes to fighting dark energy?  We are not promoting for people to go out and get themselves a cat but not many knows about their abilities? Only write about it if you feel that is appropriate. As you know we just recently adopted 4 cats to our family and they are so sweet and each one is unique and special in their own way. We are falling in love with them already. Thank you! S&D –U.S.

Our response – Many, many centuries ago cats were considered to be deities in ancient Egypt and were revered in other countries as well. What happened back then was that the people especially royalty, discovered that cats would act out flipping their tails like a scorpion does and sometimes start deep growling at certain people. It became apparent that the people the cats intensely disliked were not good people. They were the people whose dark energy was so enormous that cats, who have a very special sensitivity to dark energy, were actually known to attack the people who were dark. Unfortunately most people, especially in the U.S.A. have little if any understanding that a cat’s duty is to ferret out dark energy and if possible destroy it. We have seen cats act like sentinels watching, watching, watching, during times when we ourselves were aware that dark energies were close by.

Cats can be considered to be natural energy detection barometers. Never underestimate the power of a cat. Their use of night vision is something they also use when checking energy sources. Too bad people don’t always listen. More often than not cat and even dog caretakers are too focused on their own projects that they often disregard or simply ignore the warnings and tell their pet to quiet down without checking to see what is disturbing them. You could learn a lot from a cat.


Question – We have had several people ask about deciphering “God Code.” So we are just going to address this issue now.

Our response – In all of the books in The God Book series, God has made a special point repeatedly to let all readers know that He often speaks in God Code. We know His reasons why, He will give you the answers and additional information in these books, but He is also trying to tweak your memories in order for you to understand to always look beyond the obvious of what He is saying. He is quite adept at using words which have more than one meaning. God fully expects everybody to practice using their intuitions to discern what He is saying, as well as to be able to look above, below and all around and beyond the obvious. Some people try too hard while they are trying to decipher the words and then they become confused. So we have decided to give you a simple example of God Code. Yes, this is another true life story.

A woman we know was having a nonverbal talk with God. She asked Him what was the best advice or suggestion He could give her on how to better her life and achieve greater understanding of herself. This is what God said to her, “I keep moving your luggage to the front of your closet, but you keep moving it back, why?”

She thanked him for the information and immediately studied what He had said to her. In only a couple of minutes she deciphered the God Code. The word that she focused on, which she considered to be one of the KEY word in this statement, was “luggage.” And then “closet.” By looking at the word “luggage” she knew another word for luggage is BAGGAGE. And the word for the closet would have been MIND. So she quickly understood that He was telling her that He had been motivating her for quite a while to get rid of the baggage that was cluttering her mind. She also knew it meant getting rid of other people’s baggage that she had been carrying as well.

God does not give any of us all the answers, but He is a guide to get us to be where we need to be. Deciphering God code is really this simple. The more you practice this in your everyday life the easier it becomes. Don’t overanalyze anything and if you find yourself trying too hard, then walk away and revisit it later on.

Now, we as your guiding light encourage you each to not only decipher God Code, but start practicing it when talking to other people. By the way, we too use God Code.

The more you practice this the easier it will become for you to understand the symbolism used during your dream state.


The August 2015 Summit is now concluded.

We thank everyone for your participation. We are well aware that many, many people have been reading the Summit questions but they are not quite ready yet to submit some themselves. And that is ok. As each day unfolds and questions come into your minds you can always submit them for the next Summit. We ask that you please put “SUMMIT” in the subject line so we know to keep those separate from the other email we receive.

*****A Special Note that we want you to remember. One of the main reasons for these Summits is not only to awaken each of you to the possibilities and probabilities in life, but also to cause you to maintain your STAND and your Spiritual focus in all aspects of your life. There are also too many people who feel alone and cutoff from others who could share information with them. We do not like that.

You also need to know that everything you are remembering and relearning about from The God Books and Transmissions and Summits is in a highly activated discovery mode. Although we have not made this knowledge public before we are “going public” with some information for you NOW. We were told by God that NOW is the time for all of you to know that we ourselves were selected to get everyone into a preparatory mode. This mode is necessary in order for each of you to be ready for your next reincarnation as astonishing, Spiritually strong, New People for the New Earth. The most evolved among you, as you learned from Winter People who Ride the Wind, will be ensconced in positions of high privilege in other Universes. Each of you who leave this mortality stronger in your Spiritual nature and being able to see things more clearly, will be invaluable assets on this world and many other worlds. Many of you have wondered WHY you had to reach a certain chronological age before any of this information was revealed to you. You see, what you need to understand is that age is just a number; it was all about how well you lived your life. This is in part what God means when HE in God Code stated, “a life well-lived is its own reward.”

You had to be in the right place, at the right time in order for us to reveal this to you. In a sense you have aged yourself into a new form of Spirituality.

Are you now better understanding that the compilation of all that you see, all that you have felt, experienced and at times necessarily endured, has led you up to this juncture in your lives? To BE of service you had to experience firsthand the highs and lows of living as a true Human Being. This is why Master Kato and the Collective of Master approached us back in 2011 and told us that they wanted these Summits to be held. It took a while for us to put them together and move, but we have prevailed. Chronological age is not who you are, how you live your life is who you are. The more you accrue knowledge and wisdom in this lifetime the more of service you can be to others in your next incarnation while still being of service to yourself.

As God has said in the past, “In this lifetime you have the unique opportunity to work through all your Karma in just one lifetime and this IS the lifetime.”

We will be working with you by your side and assisting you every way we can. In all the future Summits we will be reposting this information so that everyone has the opportunity to read and understand it. Thank you for your time and your invaluable email contributions. And please remember, if you are thinking about an issue you are trying to puzzle out odds are someone else is as well. So don’t be shy… just email.

Salude and Journey Well… Celest and David and the Entirety of Divinity.


Please check back on occasion for when we list the next Summit which will be held. All the information on these Summits will be a permanent part of this website so that everyone can revisit this information as often as they would like.

Remember, YOU are the ones WE have been waiting for.


August 2015 Walk-In


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