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August 2015 Walk-In Summit

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Updated 8-6-2015

Thank you for participating. Celest and David

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Comment – Hello Celest and David, Welcome back! Congratulations on finishing the God book, “Winter People who Ride the Wind.” My next journey is to read all of your God books. I have been reading older content from your many websites and have found so much of the information you have provided, to be extremely helpful and relevant. My condolences to the loss of your pilot friend during that time.

Question – My first summit question is this_:  SHAPE SHIFTING


That may sound silly and none of my business, but I see so much now with these opened eyes and I am attempting to discern the status of the many races here on Earth.  I am told even some groups of Reptilians are now becoming positive Light Beings – making great strides in assisting us during this incredible time on Earth.

Also, the most significant discovery in all of the movies I’ve recently reviewed back into the early 1900’s – was the appalling amount of Luciferian Symbols and the deliberately placed content within every set. Whether it was background or foreground (Luciferian hand signs) – it was always present. I have since wondered how that is significant in our society, who are watching the secretly hidden agenda of the dark side, in Hollywood media.

What I see now in media is way different than what I noticed even 5 years ago.  I have never been much of a TV person – and I don’t even listen to radio. I occasionally enjoy ambient music, but have always found television and radio programming disturbing and annoying.  I have heard that even now we have free will, the powers that are rapidly waning, have been putting this out in front of our eyes and ears…forever.  That it is sort of a way-around for our free will and for us to accept it – by hiding it in plain sight.

This past year, I played through many movies & recorded programs – all the way back to 1927! I did freeze-frames and was appalled at the programming I noticed – and missed in the past – things that happened so fast, that they were not that visible to the naked HUman eye, at the pace they were being shown.  Many Ah Ha! moments.

Is there a reason I should not bother knowing this information or should I stay focused entirely on my path/walk? I ask because I have heard that knowing this other stuff about our controllers, can help us to apply intention and discernment towards an agenda that can be halted — if we came together (instead of being divided) to stop it. I’ve heard that we have to be proactive — and that some one or some thing isn’t going to swoop down and save us from the HUman experience / extermination agenda.

That this knowledge isn’t about fear, but taking a stand and coming together as one, against it. (ie HAARP; Nano technology in food, water, air, meds; Chemtrails; Vaccines; GMOs, etc.)

Our response(s)It is not uncommon to be able to shape-shift into other forms of yourselves; some people do so intentionally and others do so unconsciously. This is actually a natural occurrence when “everyone” is off-world. This is not anything evil; it’s an exploration into experiencing other aspects of life. As with any out-of-body type experience there are certain rules and guidelines people need to follow, not only for their own protection, but also to protect the rights of others. You can also shape-shift into the Spirit of yourself. We ourselves do not use the term “shape-shift.” It’s merely trying on different forms of yourself as well as bi-locating yourself so you can be in two places at once. Centuries ago many evil-doers practiced what they called shape-shifting. A lot if it was illusionary though. However, it was simply wearing different forms in order to scare other people. That is not acceptable behavior. People from all different races on this planet, most predominantly those who were the shaman and medicine men or medicine women practiced this a good bit. But those types of people would follow rules and were not trying to threaten anyone.

There has always been more than one group of Reptilians. The group we interact with the most are commonly referred to as, “Lizzies.” They are among the most intelligent, most loving, most Creative Beings that have ever existed. They work with all Peace Keepers in all Universes. The other group was the Reptilians which used to be completely dark beings. Although many of them have either died off or have been destroyed by others, some of the remaining ones are very slowly evolving to a higher degree than they had been. How much further they will evolve remains to be seen. The ones that are becoming positive are assisting Humankind. Yes, one of the worst atrocities on this planet has been people making uninformed judgment calls on the entire Reptilian Species. It is not right to do this. Prejudging others is a fascination people have which is self-evident on this planet. This contributes further to the un-illuminated minds wallowing in the “Bog of Unknowingness.”

Hollywood, from its first origins was founded by the Illuminati. Fortunes were also sent to Hollywood by Illuminati politicians. In their arrogance they would always place Luciferian symbols hidden in plain sight as a type of really bad joke on humankind. At the same time they were reconfirming their status as those who really controlled the world. The icons/symbols are very significant in many societies. Society itself is filled with the descendents of the Illuminati who are still struggling to try to carry on their lineage. In a perverted sense they are wearing their badges of dishonor and thumbing their nose at people, while presenting horrible movies, and writing equally horrible plays to help fill the belly of the beast. The real question is, how many people do you think have any understanding of what is going on? …. Very few.

Hiding in plain sight is being accomplished subliminally to people. You are one the few discerning people we have heard from who are figuring this out. What you call free will is free expression, and yes, the dark one always try to work around free expression by covertly flaunting themselves. This is one of the ways in which they can get around free expression and intentionally use otherwise good peoples’ own free expression in deviant ways. Always use discernment just as you are doing now. We ourselves have been noticing of late that the entertainment field have been using re-creation in extremes in the movie industry. This further reinforces the old movies they are remaking in order to taint every generation.

There is always a reason for knowledge. Without knowledge, you can not evolve that knowledge into becoming part of your wisdom. Yes you should be aware of all of this, everybody should be. Stay in awareness and keep following your path. Yes, everyone needs to be proactive, and no, nobody is going to come down and save anyone from themselves. Everyone better get on the personal responsibility band wagon while there is still a wagon to be had. YES, this knowledge is about taking A STAND.

Question – My second summit question is this_:  DISTURBING DREAMS


I am being harassed at night and no matter how long and of what specific quality of prayer (or to whom), I seem to not get more than 2 nights without harassment. Many of my friends and acquaintances are being attacked during sleep, as well.  Is it just the time we live in and the evil culminating in our world? Many I know are also losing bliss – and finding themselves no longer able to manifest what is needed in their lives… and even experiencing hate, anger and lower density emotions that were once seemingly not so present in their lives.  Were we just (as some say) being

lulled into a new age blissful state that was nothing more than a sleeping illusion / distraction?

Our response – Everyone who is moving forward is a target; it is part of the times we are living in. You feel so many different changes now because organized chaos is battling disorganized chaos which is Creating a whirlwind type of effect. This effect means that disorganized chaos is trying desperately to bring down as many people as it can and destroy the peoples’ faith and belief in themselves. We are living in a very difficult period and we all need to survive. Your psyches are being attacked while you sleep. This is happening to people in so many parts of the world. Are you familiar with “The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness mantra?” We ask you to print it and try to memorize every single word. Be sure to say it when you get up in the morning, any time throughout the day, BUT ESPECIALLY BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP. Do not be surprised if you find your mind becoming distracted every time you say it, or you realize that you are forgetting some of the key words in this mantra. When this occurs be aware that those psyche vampires are trying desperately to prevent you from saying all these words, which would effectively diminish the effects of this Consciousness mantra.

The mantra is as follows:

“I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then you are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ.”

To read this posting in its entirety go to:

Everyone needs to find their own way to remain detached as much as possible from lower density emotions such as hate and anger. These are counterproductive. No, this is not a new age blissful state people are being jarred out of. We are all moving forward and having to face obstacles. No one is immune from this.

Everyone needs to focus their minds on Creating a better world and give credence to why this newly Created world needs to come into existence. The more you Create through the power of thought, the sooner those Creative thoughts will come into full blossom and bloom for the good of all. The more people add the power of their thought and direct it into organized chaos, the more that orderly flow of organization will become stronger and more expansive because you have added your voice. This will also make it easier for everyone to discern illusions from realities.

Question– My third summit question is this_:  WALK-INS

I HAVE _NEVER_ FELT LIKE I BELONG HERE ON EARTH AND HAVE NEVER CONNECTED WITH MY FAMILY, NOR FIT INTO AVERAGE SOCIAL CIRCLES – AND NEITHER HAS MY LONGTIME PARTNER. SO THE WALK-IN EXPERIENCE IS OF GREAT INTEREST TO ME, as so much that is described by others, fits me and who I am. A medical intuitive told me last year, that I was “pushed out at birth by a male soul.”  I am not sure I understand what that implies.  But I am totally at odds with my body type and who I am, as a woman.  That doesn’t sound like a normal walk-in experience. I’ve nearly died several times in my life, but don’t completely connect with what other walk-ins describe, either. Still, the Walk-in experience resonates with me, somehow. How can I confirm/connect with whether or not I am a walk-in?  And does it even matter that he & I know if we are Walk-ins?

Articles in particular that you have written in the past that were very helpful to me were:  Walk-Ins; The Cross as a Compass; Pot as a Trojan Horse; Not giving permission/inviting in evil spirits; and so many more.

Thanks for that. Your writing is flawless and superb.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inviting me to send my inquiries.

Love & Oneness, Solange – USA

Quotes – “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For . . .” “We Are The Change That We Seek . . .” “Be The Change You Want To See.”

Our response – it is not unusual for a Walk-In to enter as a baby; of course that is all contingent upon the Soul Agreements between Walk-In and baby. Some babies, some Souls, choose to enter at an early age, they just want to go experience the birth process. But this gives the Walk-Ins the physical vehicle required in order to continue on to whatever his or her mission is. We really never have met any other Walk-Ins who are comfortable with their bodies or with living on this planet. Many of them feel alienated from the human race.

Every Walk-In experience is different for each Walk-In. Each experience may have some similarities, yet they are different in many ways. Personally, we don’t believe it is important for anyone to know that they are Walk-Ins. We have known Walk-Ins who have become fixated on their status and lose some focus on their mission. Very little brings them happiness here. We suggest you should just be content with living life as a human being and understanding that you are far greater than you think you are.


Question – Hello Celest and David and all brothers and sisters, It is always a pleasure and honor to be in contact with you.

My question concerns the different accounts concerning the death of Jesus. Example…. In volume one of the God series books, page 30 it is quoted that Jesus was flogged and was told to leave the territory. He and wife Mary went to the East and had a large family there.

In Chako’s latest book Transitions, page 137, Sananda gave his account of this death as he knew the Romans wished to crucify him  he made the decision to go to his uncles tomb where he laid down, stilled the organs of his body, stopped breathing, released the hold of his body and came to the world he knew as Heaven.

Will you explain please? Thank you, Lana – U.S.A

Our response – To lay one’s body down and leave it PHYSICALLY behind is an ancient, ancient way that the Masters used to leave mortality when their time was finished here. Jesus did not do that until after He and Mary had their family. It was a simple matter of lifting himself up out of the body because He was wearing His Light Body at the time. Much of the information about Jesus’s death comes through in different forms. This makes it hard for people to understand the true realities. Some information comes through in a certain manner in order not to scare anyone or cause them to recoil or back away from their ascension process. There are always stepping stones for people to take before they reach their intended goal of understanding. The information we share is on a much higher level of understanding than is the information of those who are “receivers” from the Spirit world that are on a lower level of evolvement. Chako is correct with what Jesus said. Say for example, you came into our websites fresh and new and had no idea of who we were. You were introduced to the information we share with everyone and you were coming from a strict religious upbringing. Would you not call this all poppycock and go back to what is comfortable? That is an example of 2D and 3D dimensional thinking.

As God and others have explained many times over; when you first read something new to you ,you then absorb the information on a certain level. Then when you revisit the information later your understanding is from a perspective of a much higher level of understanding. Jesus’s death was probably one of the greatest frauds and intentional misdirection ever perpetrated upon humanity and most do not yet know this.

People who followed 2D beliefs would see Jesus’ death different than people do today. Many people still don’t understand that He was not crucified. This clearly shows they are not living in a higher level of reality.


Question – Dear people, When I look at it I see a large flame in my chest. It feels warm and comforting, like a fire burning. Can you explain what that is? Maria – Netherlands

Our response – This is really a quite remarkable chakra response for you. This is the Heart Chakra expanding its energies and in doing so assists all the other Chakras within your body. This expansion may be slow at times but it does not stop. When seeing the heart flame just be aware that you are being permitted to see what is going on with you. It is part of the rite of passage for you to be able to see this and feel it. This is because your Soul knows you will not withdraw and you will continue to STAND. This is a great blessing for you, we are very happy for you.


Question – Hello Celest and David, hope this e-mail finds you doing well. A question for this summit, can you confirm an individual named, (GoodETxSG’s) his website is the same name and if what he says is true about Sphere Alliance conference and his service.

Also, can you tell me what’s happening to the BEES!

Thank you, with love, Carla – USA

Our response – We don’t know anything about that one; that is not a website we have been on and we have not heard of him. If we do we will let you know. As always it is in everyone’s best interest to use discernment when viewing content of any type.

We too are so saddened about the loss of bees. This became inevitable when wireless technology entered into this world. The frequencies and vibrations of wireless possess such distortion that it kills bees. Bees are extremely susceptible to frequencies and vibrations that humans can not always hear. It causes great pain to bees and they can not sustain their life-force when in the wireless environment. The introduction of solar and wind farms has only contributed to their demise. But wireless in particular is a terrible culprit, not only for the bees but all lifeforms, humans included. There are serious consequences that must be confronted now because of the loss of bees. Think about everything they do that supports life far beyond pollination and honey. What makes this even worse is that Bees are one of the most ancient forms of insect/flying life. Unfortunately this is a good example of sowing and reaping in a negative sense.

Pesticides also are playing a big role in the loss of bees and the loss of food. Although no one is talking about it now, pesticides are also contributing to the mutating of insects. This is very bad.


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