August 2015 Walk-In Summit

August 2015 Summit

August 2015 Walk-In Summit

Hosted by

Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades

and David of Arcturus


Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Earth-seeds and all others of The Creation Process and the Co-Crearchy…

We bid you Welcome !!


This Summit runs from Saturday August 1st to 3:00 PM Eastern time Sunday August 9th

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Note: We will be updating the “Questions and Answers” sections on a daily basis until the conclusion of the Summit. In this manner no one should become overloaded with too much information at one time. So please check back daily.

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Thank you for participating. Celest and David

Here are a few topics we wish you to think about.

Energy Residues

All movement is a form of energy. However when certain rhythms or ribbons of energy start to become static because of forces or pressures that act without causing movement, those ribbons or rhythms then enter into the stasis mode. The energy is still there but there is no movement. What is movement? Movement is an energy in motion which responds to specific RYTHMS of progressive actions. This can also mean progressive action through mind-thought. Movement can either be a positive developmental change or it can be a negative change when people start backtracking. This is when they stop the process of positive change by returning to a critical period where and when they begin to repeat certain errors of judgment and recreate certain circumstances that never were in their best interest. People use the term “devolving;” however devolving is merely maintaining a retrograde position in life which is opposite of progressive movement. What is retrograde? Imagine yourself trying to go forward while simultaneously going backward at the same time. It can not be done. The choice has to be made. Relearning progressive movement is part of “developmental evolution.”

Progressive movement is a special passage of life. Everyone, Advocate or not, is presented with limitless opportunities to be a part of progressive movement. It is a known Universal fact that when people are moving forward progressively and interact with those who are living a retrograde lifestyle, they simply can not get along.

We feel it is pertinent to discuss how to move energy from stasis mode to activation mode. Energy residues will always be with you. They are your teachers because they are a part of you. Sometimes it takes a life-altering event or situation to be a catalyst to enact change. Other times it can be a simple nudge from Soul. Stasis is a motionless state in the greater sense. It is neither motion nor development; it is simply existing within a void and continues this way until such time that a catalyst enters, IF it enters at all. Stasis is a state of mind and non-action. Please do not mistake apparent inactivity for stasis or devolvement. Some aspects of matter whether they are thought or action may appear to be inactive, but they are simply moving forward at a different pace than the pace of many other people of the world are. Being a human being means that many people perceive things in either a progressive manner or in the former linear state and that is what they base their conclusions or beliefs on. It is only until recently that more and more people are beginning to see and understand that there are many realities going on simultaneously. One example of this would be the appearance of so many new stars and planets. Each one vibrates at a different frequency and is in all various states of vibration and frequencies. Yet the finer more refined vibrations are not readily apparent. So it is that from one perspective evolution may be propelling forward at a rapid rate, while from a detached or elevated state it may be simply moving forward in a much slower state. Yet each is responding to a type of energy that is part of their internal makeup. This is where residues of energy become very interesting.

Energy residues can either enhance or taint the personality. Certain types of energy residues can either invigorate or enervate a Soul. Energy residues are part of everyone’s past lives. These residues are brought into every incarnate state as well as what residues Souls bring with them from their times spent in Nirvana. They are tiny molecules of energy monads which can clearly delineate where each person’s reality is. When people are in a positive motion and are relearning or remembering what they know, they are using these monads to attract similar or sometimes same levels of these energy residues that all other people possess. No, it does not matter what gender you were in any of your past lives. No, it does not matter if you remember any of your past lives.

This is another area where it gets a bit sticky, people can be in retrograde and can not change until or unless some form or impetus comes into play and rudely awakens a person consciously. This forces them to explore or confront other realities which may have been up to this time nonexistent in their minds and have not been a part of their reality at all. If that reality check works and no, it does not work for everyone, then the person who has responded in a good way can and does alter their perspectives, which are in all actuality energy residues. Remember, perspectives alter all the time during everyone’s lifecycle or incarnation. As this occurs these people can change their previous fingerprints or thumbprints because the present can alter their past. It’s really a part of a learning arc. It means that all the past YOU’s have brought you to the current state of development.

Residues of energy enlarge with true progressive movement each person makes, regardless of how many life experiences they have had. Energy residues of people who continue in retrograde life processes, continue to recede and diminish until there is no more than merely a speck of Light of each person’s collective energy base. Those people in this latter grouping have to choose to leave that dwindling base behind them and start anew, or they will destroy themselves because of the lack of Light.

To reinforce what we are telling you: energy residues can also be described as an indelible imprint.

These residues are also in and on every landmass and every water-way; they all contain these types of energy. So it is that as each person physically touches other people and all life, any landmass or any water, they are unconsciously for the most part combining their own energy residues with whatever they are touching. This also means they are leaving their indelible imprint or fingerprint when they all interact with one another. If you have ever seen an animal following the scent of another animal then be aware that that scent is actually an energy residue that the animals are following.

It is all past incarnations, every interaction, every thought, which forms, molds and changes the you of the current NOW moment. You are birthing your future selves through the actions and non-actions of your past selves which are conjoining with your present self. This is basically how energy works in any given lifetime. Yes, you can alter your present trains of thought and overcome past “insecurities” by simply banishing any fears, any judgment call on yourself and standing your ground. But obviously there are many people with very badly damaged psyches who cannot seem to break free of the circumstance and decisions they made which tainted them in past lives. This is why reincarnation is so vitally important.

Remember, fears are not a natural state of being and do not exist in higher planes of existence. They are learned responses which many times originate from previous incarnations and are subsequently carried forth from earlier times. A seriously damaged psyche can take a long time to heal, but yes, many can be healed. If you remember that intent is a KEY to moving progressively forward and that lip service can not be tolerated or hidden under the guise of moving forward, then no one should really have a problem with guiding their footprints and fingerprints to a higher vibration of themselves. If you have intent you darn well better follow through with what your intent is. It is not necessary to be perfect in every action you take, every thought you have. It is necessary to simply to do your best. In this manner you are not casting your own shadow. “Shadows cast IS life lost.”


Atlantis’s euphoric connection to NOW

Many people are bemused and sometimes obsessed with stories of Atlantis. People of today should be aware that there are many carry-over Souls from Atlantis. Atlantis and all other ancient civilizations where the civilizations were destroyed by the actions and non-actions of their inhabitants, should be a lesson for the people who have reincarnated once again. Carry-over Souls are common. There are carry-over Souls from every civilization there has ever been.

It has always been decreed that Souls from every ancient civilization that has ever been would have the opportunity to participate in the Golden NOW on the Earth Star planet NOW. For many of those ancient Souls this has been given to them as a gift. The intent of the gift being given was that now when help is so much needed on this planet, these Souls who did not live up to their promises made and promises kept agreement with The Creator, would be present now to redeem themselves by participating in right action this time. The redeeming process has begun. The present situation of organized chaos confronting disorganized chaos is a type of positioning by movement, or motion. It means that we are all being strategically placed geographically where we are not only needed the most, also many of us have returned to our Earth Star roots which designate special areas where we once lived here long, long ago. This strategy of motion or movement was intentionally devised in order to offer optimum opportunities for each person to succeed where they once may have not succeeded. Also, for those other Souls who are renewing their kinship with other Souls and locations which hold special meanings from many, many lifetimes ago. It doesn’t matter how many ice ages have come and gone, or how many times the Earth has shifted and the landmasses and water-ways have changed. We’re always led back to areas where we can do the greatest good. Even if some people feel they are in the wrong place. It is a common problem that many, many people ask for all that is best for them, yet fail to understand that what they are sent may not be what they wanted, but is still best for them. People who out of fear choose to relocate are doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

True Euphoria is a state, a level of Spirituality which is also known of as “A State of Grace.”

Many parts of Atlantis still remain hidden beneath the great waters, yet some of Atlantis’s finest warriors, peacemakers, healers and scientists walk this planet NOW. They are committed to being fully activated to fulfill their role as caretakers and guardians of new generations to be and to once again add their own knowledge and wisdom to the Earth Star planet. Those who caused such great dissention in Atlantis back then, are here now only marginally. Their numbers are not many anymore for they have been leaving the planet. The ones who are here are among the ones who are agitators and are causing not only racial discontent, but are also among those who refrain from participating in peaceful protests and prefer to live lives of malaise. They do not have any sense of Spiritual euphoria, so do not believe for a moment that all who are from Atlantis or any other ancient civilization were all good people. They were not. What will happen to them is a prime example of all of us knowing when it is time to “Let go and let God.”

However, the Spirit of Atlantis lives on in each of us who were among those who we call the “True Atlanteans.” True Atlanteans could no more separate themselves from their euphoric feelings of the NOW than Jesus could separate Himself from His beloved Mary Magdalene.

The connection between Atlantis and the NOW is invincible. Far too many Atlanteans gave their lives saving other good Atlanteans and assisting them in leaving Atlantis which only strengthened all True Atlanteans determination to return to this planet at the time when the need was the greatest. You should be happy to know that many of those who have returned are also now themselves Winter People. The beauty of the True Atlanteans can be seen in their eyes, it can be felt by their very presence. Their greatest strengths lay in their innate knowledge that this Earth Star planet will become an edifice that will attain a triumph of Spirit that the former Atlantis could never quite completely achieve.

Many high level Priestesses and their male counterparts walk among you now dispersing humor, compassion and love without any conditions imposed. They particularly like to work with young children; especially with the Star Light Children. In this manner they are balancing both the masculine and the feminine energies and are being part of the Co-Crearchy. They all carry the Warrior Spirit but are strongest when working one-on-one with Spiritual connectedness, while others of their groups are well-known throughout all Universes to be magnificent warriors who are needed here to guard and protect. They not only guard and protect this realm, but they also protect as many innocents as possible so these innocents do not sway and fall into the great abyss of the un-illuminated. Terra knows each of them well, just as she knows all Souls well.

The Atlanteans who are here now are also a good example of the progressive movement of the energy residues and how they interact with the past by altering the present. By the alteration of the present the past will not be re-created. The true Atlanteans are coming full circle now.

A message from Cammeron of Arcturus: “Many of those of us who returned with the Mother Ship back in 2007 were also there during the times of Atlantis. Their purpose now is twofold. To make a difference by assisting their Earthly counterparts in fulfilling their personal as well as interplanetary missions, as well as to alter the energy residues which were cast by Atlanteans and other ancient civilizations which tainted the entirety of what should have been a Spiritual Matrix. We walk among you now.”

A message from Duncaan of the Pleiades: “Even though time does not exist, the True Atlanteans as well as the true ones from other ancient civilizations had to await one specific gridline intersection in order to descend to Earth for the purposes which Celest, David and Cammeron have spoken to you about. Earth cousins take far too much for granted. Too many of them assume that just because they want things to be a certain way in a certain linear mode, that it will happen that way. That is a very unrealistic approach to a purely theoretical thought. It will behoove each of you to simply remember that the Universes are always ON TIME. Try to keep up with us now… ok!”

Celest and David continue; Spiritual euphoria can not be separated from the NOW; it is the hub, the core of NOW. So it is that everything radiates upward, downward and side to side from the NOW affecting all good people even during these organized chaos events. They also affect all those people who are not good. People who are not good can not abide this type of energy. Therefore they fall deeper down the rabbit hole attempting to cause as much distress as possible and unfortunately taking as many people with them as they possibly can. The deeper they fall, the less chance they have of ever climbing out again in this lifetime. The intersection will come very soon when all True Atlanteans will publically identify themselves without concerns of being persecuted. The pivotal point of this topic is for you each to reclaim your euphoric Self, if you have not already. A state of grace can not be bought but it can be given to you… by you. Simply remain staunch in your faith and know that you are not doing any wrong. Your missions are to succeed. You succeed by being in the Light, casting the Light wherever you can and remaining detached from the madness.


Living a simple existence as a means of maintaining your Spiritual integrity

Ok, this one should strike very close to home for many of you who are continuously evolving and assisting others in evolving. “Simple existence” is highly underrated. There are different classes of people: there are people who are very goodhearted and prefer to live in simple fashion; there are people who are rich, but stupid rich. There are rich people who could never live a simple existence, there are rich people who simply because they are rich do not realize they are not really living, they are only existing. There are not many, however there are a few rich people who do follow a Spiritual path, unfortunately they seem to be hampered by the large amounts of money they do have. Everyone has a different definition of simplicity. Is it learning to live a life that doesn’t involve living in a castle? True simplicity is to live life to the best of your ability, even though your ability may be different than others. Those who live societal lives have little time and even less desire to explore the realm of Spiritual integrity. Furthermore, they do not even know that should have the desire to do so. Then there are the people who are deeply religious yet are not Spiritual, even though there are also deeply religious people who are Spiritual as well. It is no wonder people become confused. The more simply you live, the less your mind attracts clutter. Those with the less cluttered minds give themselves the opportunity to explore other realities. IF that is of interest to them.

A simple existence is not only referenced to in the physical, it also exists within the mind.

Our good friend Guy Red Owl years ago spoke to a friend of ours because we were not having an easy time getting through to her and trying to explain to her why her greatest passion in life which was to buy a “purple beamer” (a BMW automobile) was not the passion in life she should have been pursuing. We were not having any success with breaking through her societal upbringing. So we called Guy and asked him to give her a call and talk to her. Guy talked to her for several minutes on the telephone and then very innocently said to her, “by the way, what did you say your last name was?” She was surprised because she thought he knew her last name so she told him. Then Guy said to her, “oh, I thought your last name was Smith.” And she asked him why in the world would he think that? And Guy said, “because you are always trying to keep up with the Joneses.” It took her several years to actually figure out what he meant, but she finally got it. But she never did get the “beamer.” From this simple example of how people can become so indoctrinated that they lose sight, or have no sight of anything that is really important, can you now see that not only the stupid rich but the Spiritually handicapped rich, live lives in a void? It is also an example of always wanting “more” however not knowing what the proper “more” should be.

To live simply does not mean you can not live well. As long as you have access to foodstuffs, and you or your family has clothes to wear, and have shoes on your feet and you can maintain a sense of humor even as the clock strikes the NEW midnight hour, you are living a simple life., But you still have the opportunity to maintain your Spiritual integrity which is predicated upon how you live, what thoughts you Create and how much your true intent is to be living as a True Human Being. There is nothing wrong with having qualms about certain circumstances you may be confronted with. There is nothing wrong with not finding it necessary to maintain a societal expression of yourself or not wanting to have wardrobes full of designer clothes. There is something wrong if you are convinced that you must fit in or blend in, in order to feel your life is your own success story. The most cherished, the most wondrous gift you can give yourself is to be the outstanding YOU that you are by simply being yourself in all circumstances. It does not mean that everybody else will agree with you for everybody has their own point of reference where the term “integrity” is the subject. Some of the people we know who are considered to be people of great integrity because they believe in firm principles of political, religious and some moral issues, but are completely blank about knowing anything about having Spiritual integrity. Therefore they can not maintain what they do not have.

Some of the people we know who are busy all the time still maintain their Spiritual integrity despite how busy they are. They do so because to them it is the most important aspect of their lives and they know it. They also know that without it they become devoid of any true purpose in life and would consider themselves to be no more than window-dressing.

Although we are privy to so much off-world information and have borne witness to spectacular events, we must tell you that we have never seen, never encountered any animal species of any kind that wanted to wear two carat diamonds in their ears and fancy hats and sable coats. Perhaps the animals are wiser than the people. Simple life doesn’t mean that you should lack the bare necessities. No one should. But then nobody needs to have multiple motorcycles, cars, hundred dollar plus pairs of tennis shoes or anything else that is all about stature. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy what you have. Always appreciate everything you have whether it has been given to you or you have acquired it yourself. And remember that you each are teaching by example. That is part of what Spiritual integrity is. It can be contagious if you let it.


All of us need to hold on tightly to each other, especially now. This is one of the primary reasons why we have started these Summits. As we connect with each other all of us will be able to share our thoughts, ask questions, and we encourage each of you to think about what else you want to know about. We ask you to remember we are all related and here for a purpose.

Salude… Celestial and David


August 2015 Walk-In


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